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Feb 22, 2010 07:38 AM

Parents Coming to Astoria for Dinner - Narrowing Down Options

Hi all,
I know Astoria gets done to death here, but I'm trying to narrow down my options for when my parents come up for dinner in a few weeks. The preferences are as follows: casual but not divey, no Indian, Chinese, or Italian. I'm thinking of sticking with Brazilian or Greek, maybe Bosnian, since it's different than things they normally get. If anyone can help me decide, that would be great!

1) Brazilian - Malagueta vs Favela?

2) Greek - Kyclades vs Zenon vs Philoxenia?

3) Dark horses - Cevabdzinica Sarajevo, Mundo,

What are peoples' thoughts on these choices? I'd love to narrow it down to 2 or 3 to give my parents choices. Any place I haven't mentioned that you think would be perfect to showcase the culinary diversity of Astoria?

Thanks a lot, all!

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  1. 1) Malagueta, hands down. (Caveat: check your bill very carefully, not certain if it's carelessness or...., but have been overcharged (addition error) a few times there.

    2) Do't know.
    3) Mundo.

    Why not Seva, Indian? very good, inexpensive. No longer BYO, so that's a loss.

    1. I can only weigh in on the Brazilian and Greek choices of the ones you've listed. I would definitely vote for Malagueta. It's got a nice decor but isn't overly fancy. Any dress code would do. Kyclades is also casual, but there are frequently crowds which could mean a wait. In terms of price, I think you would get more for your money at Malagueta. Philoxenia is also wonderful, but pricey. I also highly recommend Vesta. You said no Italian, but it's sort of an Italian-inspired bistro menu. Cevabzinica is on the divey side and I wasn't too crazy with the food. If you all enjoy Japanese food, I highly recommend Linn. They have a nice happy hour special on Friday nights from 5-7 pm as well.

      1. Thanks for your replies. I think I'll go with Malagueta, but I'll check out Vesta, too. Unfortunately, my parents don't like Indian...clearly, they're wrong. Otherwise, I'd probably head straight to Jackson Heights.

        1. I love Vesta (as another post mentioned)best to make reservations though as it's small I'd also recommend Locale on 34th Ave.

          1. Although their sangrias are weak, Malgueltas food is fantastic. Also consider Agnanti on the Greek front. But you won't go wrong with Taverna Kyclades except for the wait. I'd also consider Ill bambino for a more informal meal.

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              Malagueta is great; I'd also add S'Agapo to the Greek (or Cretan) list.


              1. re: Peter Cherches

                S'Agapo is no longer. Closed a number of months ago and is now Sofia. They are in the process of renovating. Have no idea how the food is now.