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Feb 22, 2010 07:19 AM

URGENT - need authentic thai curry paste, fish sauce and lime leaves in South Etobicoke

I am preparing a thai dinner on Wed night and need to purchase authentic thai curry paste, fish sauce and lime leaves in South Etobicoke. Any suggestions?

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  1. Do you have access to a vehicle?
    If so there is an asian market at Dundas and Tomken in Mississauga. Close to Etobicoke.
    "Oriental Food Centre" is in the Mississauga Chinese Centre plaza and should have the ingredients you're looking for. Look for the big red gateway.

    Google maps:

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    1. There is also an asian grocery store at the corner of browns line and evans. I think it might be called TOPS, but am not positive. But it is located in the strip mall on the south east corner.
      I was able to get all my ingredients there to make a fresh thai curry paste and couple other thai dishes. Only thing was that some things have different names from the thai name. Like the thai lime leaves are called something else ( sorry don't remember) but look the same.

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        If not there, then:
        Vientiane Trading Co.Ltd.
        51B Jutland Rd, Toronto, On M8Z 2G6
        Tel, 416 743 2911
        Fax 416 743 8004

        Thai wholesalers should have all that stuff. Just walk into the warehouse.
        (Queensway and Kipling area)

        1. re: koknia

          Do you know what their hours are? I will call them later today but was wondering.

        2. re: camp1980

          camp & koknia - thank you!

          Jutland is very close to where I live. So I will check them out soon.

          1. re: camp1980

            Top Food is the name, and it's at 841 Browns Line. They'll probably have what you're looking for!


          2. If you haven't yet shopped, I would recommend getting the Mesri (sp?) brand curry in a can, not the Mae Ploy brand in a plastic tub, which I find lacking in flavour.

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            1. re: Teep

              I, too, prefer the Mae Sri brand to the popular Mae Ploy. It is also the favourite of Young Thailand owner Wandee Young.

              To the original poster: fish sauce, lime leaves, and Thai curry paste can be found at pretty much any Asian grocer in the GTA. No need to go to a specialty store.

              1. re: vorpal

                Thank you for the Mae Sri brand suggestion. It worked out great.

            2. just wondering ... where did you end up buying all your stuff? i found a decent selection of thai/vietnamese ingredients at the asian market at islington/rexdale (no clue what the name is).

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              1. re: lilaki

                I went to Vientiane Trading Co.Ltd. They had everything I was looking for and I have stock of curry pastes, herbs and spices. The owner is very friendly and gave me tips and recipes.

                You should check it out if you are in the South Etobicoke area.

                1. re: TOchowgal

                  cool! thanks! i will try and get there soon.