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Feb 22, 2010 07:16 AM

Tacos Colima in Nashua

Just went there last week. Its location is slightly off "The Block" in downtown Nashua. I thought the tacos were great. Its a no-frills operation with very authentic food. This is one of those places that is a hidden gem.

I'd love to get the word out on this place as much as possible as their location is not ideal, and I'd hate to see them be unsuccessful.

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  1. I've been twice and liked it for what it is - a casual little place with good home-made authentic Mexican food at good prices. Nothing fancy, nor dressed up Tex-Mex. You may find some of the local Hispanic residents there for eat-in or take-out too. This place is now in my regular rotation for when I'm in Nashua.

    1. So how would this compare to La Carretta? The menu looks great...and inexpensive! I'd love to try this out, thanks for the tip!

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        I've only been a couple of times, but I've been really impressed. It seems to be far more authentic than La Carreta. As I said above, it is very simple (almost a hole in the wall). Its run by a husband and wife who do all the cooking themselves. The wife, Alma, makes all the tortillas by hand (including the chips). Based purely on the food, I'd take Tacos Colima over LC. LC is much more professional operation. They can handle a packed house comfortably. I don't know how Tacos Colima would be able to handle it. I've only gone for lunch.

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          Yes, I noticed that about the tortillas on the menu...that pretty much does it for me, I'll go there just for those! Oh, and the pork cracklings. My husband and I were just discussing tonight how LC has just gotten too big...too much of a concern for business and not as much care for the food anymore (or so it seems). I really loved it when we first moved up this way.

          1. re: solargarlic

            Yes, the chicharron tacos are insanely good.

      2. Got some take-out the other night, and even after sitting around for a bit, the lengua and chicarron tacos were incredible! Not sure if the hot sauce was homemade, but it was good too. We also had a was good, but not out of this world. So glad to have a place like this available to bring the kids to sometime, it would be a quick, easy and cheap night out!