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Feb 22, 2010 07:16 AM

Aman Indian on Limekiln Pike in Chalfont-ish?

Drove by and saw a sign for Aman Indian somethingsomething (Bistro? Restaurant? whatever) in the newer shopping plaza on 152, I think it's near where Stump Road intersects. Couldn't see if it was open or what. Anyone know the deal? Could it be the same owners as the one in E Norriton? Dying to know!

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  1. Heard that it is opening sometime at the begning to mid April. Think they said that the owners involved were the same as the other one. So good to finally get something different in the area which seems to be pretty starved for decent places to go. I have been a couple of times to the Indian places around North Wales and Doylestown and they are not much to talk about.

    1. We had dinner there the other night and had a chance to talk with the owner. They aren't the same owners but both owners are in partnership with each other. Similar food but different flair and atmosphere.

      Food was wonderful and the staff were very friendly. Some of the best Indian food I've had in a while.

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        ^^agreed, it's fabulous!! better than tiffin or saffron in ambler, even, IMO

      2. We've eaten their twice and after suffering a drought of good Indian, we are really happy to have it here. Its a nice BYOB, very reasonable, good service, they will modify dishes (add more vegetables, etc). Doylestown only has 1 Indian, and its overpriced and not as interesting - all the dishes taste similar. B had a Goan chicken that he asked for 1/2 the amount of chicken and more vegetables, the sauce was a coconut based, but with lots of fresh ginger. For those of you who like hot, this was a ginger, red chili hot, that wasn't so hot you couldn't taste the flavors. It was very good. I've had the Bindi, Aloo Gobi and Saag Paneer and they were all very good. Garlic Nan is loaded with fresh garlic. This is one of the best Indian around, and we needed it!! Its family friendly, a nice clean dining room, super reasonable, and I hope they do well and stick around!