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Feb 22, 2010 07:03 AM

Looking for suggestions for a lively restaurant for a Sunday night

Beginning to plan my annual spring visit to NYC and need some help. Last year we went to Bar Blanc on a Sunday night and while the space was very cool and the food was good , the restauarant was almost deserted which took away from the overall experience. Not looking for insanely loud...just not empty!
Some i am considering include Apiary, Maialano, Locanda Verde, Scarpetta, Gramercy Tavern (tavern side), and SD26. I am open to other suggestions in this price range. Cuisine and neighbourhood are not really factors.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would also consider The Breslin, which I think matches perfectly with your requests.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Hi thelunchbelle,

      I have always liked your recommendations - we went to L'artusi 3 times. Do you think Boqueria would be fun for a lively bday dinner for 4... I was considering The Breslin but my friend is pregnant and not sure the menu is suitable for her.. any thoughts?

      1. re: OwenNYC

        Hi Owen,
        Thanks for your kind words. :) I have never been to Boqueria, but I know that plenty of others on this board have. Maybe you should start your own thread so we can all give you some recs. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    2. Have you considered Boqueria's Sunday night suckling pig dinner? I mentioned this a couple of times recently but the dinner is pretty amazing and it comes with a glass of wine, salad and sides. I believe 2 people at $35 each. Chef Seamus Mullun just got nominated as a semi-finalist for the Best Chef James Beard Award.

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        It sounds great but we did Bouqueria last year for lunch and while I really enjoyed it i would like to try something new

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          How about Cookshop? I really like that place for Sunday dinner but it CAN get kind of loud. Maybe it would be a bit quieter on a Sunday night, though.

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            I disagree with Cookshop; it's not in the same league as those mentioned in Trish's original post.


      2. good choices. I would also add Dovetail on the UWS to this list. They have a lovely "Sunday Suppa" special that is 3 courses for $38, and a reduced price on their tasting menu ($75 instead of $95). We went last night and every table was full. Nice atmosphere of being lively but not "LOUD." Also, the food is excellent.

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        1. re: metfan630

          Of the restaurants I mentioned which would have the most energy

        2. Although not on the level of food as the above, the lively atmosphere at Sofrito in mid town cannot be beat. It is jumping even on a SUnday and the food is very good as well.