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Feb 22, 2010 06:33 AM

Santa Fe (Wilmington, DE)

Just curious -- has anyone tried this new spot (ca. 1 month old)? It's on Pennsylvania Ave in Wilmington:

Can't seem to find a menu or webpage online (everything refers to the Newark location, and this is supposed to be more of a sit-down restaurant than a college eatery).

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      Don't read too much into the health of a business from 1/2 price gift certificates. It is an easy way for places to stretch their advertising dollars without cash up front.

    2. I went Saturday night, surely not a college eatery. Didn't even know it was there until someone told us. Doesn't stand out very well with the stores around it and I heard with the weather it's been a tough opening getting people in. Very classy sit down with good affordable food and nice staff. Not your typical Don Pablos menu, a good change.

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      1. re: Kt12DE

        Tried it for lunch, very good. Supposedly has a great Happy Hour crowd. Not at all like the Newark place. The chef is a lady who used to work at the Newark location, and her ability to cook was tried and is truly mexican, she has some interesting combinations that should be tried.
        For those who can't find it...its just beyond the railroad tressle of Rt 52 travelling North from the city. It is located behind Michael Christopher's salon and across Rt 52 from the Shell station.

        1. re: Flyers_fan

          We tried it. It was so-so. Not as bad as I thought but would not rush back. The dishes certainly sounded interesting by their description, as the ideas were great (short rib burrito, etc.) but the excecution is a bit off. Good service though.

      2. I went here last week with some girlfriends for drinks and muchies. The mojitos are to die for, especially the strawberry. I also got the empandas with pulled pork and plantains. These were exceptional and unexpected.

        1. Hello spyturtle. We just became part of this network so We apologize for not getting back to you early. our website is we are located next to Michael Christopher.