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Feb 22, 2010 06:33 AM

Best base in Chianti Region

My husband and I will be going to the Chianti area (before heading to the Montalcino area) and would love input on what village is the best base to stay in with the closest proximity to great food. We are debating between Radda, Greve and Castellina and while we will have a car to travel to the surrounding areas during the day for lunches, etc, we prefer to travel less for dinners. That being said, please point me in the right direction for meals in this area...thanks!

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  1. In my view, a visitor to Italian farm country almost always eats better in a farmhouse than in a restaurant. I suggest you stay in an agriturismo, preferably one that makes its own wine and one that serves you dinner every night. You can usually find them by doing simple google searches, and increasingly you can find reviews on Tripadvisor.

    For a completely high-end experience, you can try La Petraia (note that the accommodation price includes breakfast and dinner)

    But there are more modest places with lower prices. One place that consistently gets good reviews is Montalbino, which is closer to Montespertoli. It has the added advantage of offering accommodations with private kitchens, in addition to having a restaurant onsite. Your own kitchen is nice for breakfast plus those evening when you too large a lunch to want a dinner.