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Feb 22, 2010 06:25 AM

Bella Italia - Arnold

I just wanted to post that I've found the pizza at this fairly new restaurant in Arnold, across from the Safeway, to be really outstanding. The few times that I've had it, the crust has been crisp and well cooked (and flavorful), the sauce is very light and fresh, and the cheese is applied with a light touch. Overall, it's really, really good. I think it holds its own against my other country favorites, Bella Napoli in Pasadena and Rocco's in Annapolis. I'll definately be going back, but I'm curious if it's just me (which it could be), or did any one else find the pizza there to be surprisingly very, very good?

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  1. I live in Arnold, and am a big fan of Bella Italia. Yes I agree their pizza is a cut above the rest -- and many many cuts above the other pizza purveyors nearby. The owning family is originally from Naples. I've also enjoyed their shrimp appetizer, eggplant appetizer, and cheesesteak sandwiches (I know, not "Italian" but still tasty!).

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      I ordered Lasagna. It was nothing like what Lasagna is supposed to be. I am Italian, over 50yrs. old, and I know what Lasagna is. What I received was two wide noodles that tasted like rubber with an undercooked meat paste next to them covered in some cheese. I asked to speak to the manager or owner and was told no one like that was there. I asked who was running the restaurant that night and was told no one was there. I had to throw my dinner away. I feel like I was robbed. This was my first and last visit there. Although I live in Arnold, I will never go there again.

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        Well, I understand how you feel, but I think that your mistake was in not ordering their pizza, which far outshines the rest of the menu, and is still fantastic.

    2. I started hitting the Annapolis location when I lived in town.

      I'm in Arnold now as well, and love this incarnation.

      I've had nothing but positive experiences w/ pastas, salads, and starters, but the pizza is really done very well. Nice crispy thin crust, good fresh ingredients. You have to eat it there though. Steaming in the box renders it a very sad, flacid, and ordinary pie.