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Feb 22, 2010 05:32 AM

Provide a browseable ingredients list

Well, this feature request has been issued before. I cannot find a definate official statement though.

Provide a browseable index for

So far you can only navigate through it by means of hacks (direct url entry with increasing ids, linked from recipes, search results ...). An automated index with alphabetical sorting should be easy to realize, yet will be very handy.

So would you PUUULLEEEASSSSSEEEE give us that feature? ;(

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  1. eeeexcellent idea!! must get your best ideas at 6:32am?? :-)

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    1. re: supperwoman

      Sort of, i'm a couple of hours ahead (hence the name) ;)

      1. re: hannaone

        Much obliged! How did you find it?

        1. re: Ze German

          I've been looking for a way to look at all the chow ingredients for quite awhile, and then I noticed a link for the site map at the very bottom of the chowhound pages (in the red box).