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Feb 22, 2010 05:07 AM

Felidia...still excellent

We went to Felidia Saturday night for my birthday dinner. I'm happy to report that the menu, the service and the ambience are all still top notch in my book. I'm not one to write a lengthy review of every dish we had and all the nuances of the evening, but I will say not one dish disappointed. The standout of the evening was a pasta called il tajarin: thin, 30-egg pasta with a butter and parmigiano sauce accented with freshly shaved truffles. Absolutely amazing. it tasted as if it were just flown in from Italy.

I have to admit, after reading a few recent reviews on this site, I thought maybe the restaurant had slipped. In my opinion, it is as wonderful as it has always been.

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  1. Glad to hear it!! And belated birthday congrats!

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    1. I totally agree. They haven't lost their touch - ever. While I find them SLIGHTLY pricey with the current economy, they turn out some fantastic dishes. Lamb!

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        Since it was my birthday dinner, price was no object! lol Actually, we had a $100 gift card that we received for Christmas, so that paid for the truffles!

        I'm glad to hear that others also still enjoy Felidia. I just feel some of the negative comments I've read on this and other boards are just not warranted. But how am I to really know what others' experiences have been? That's why I found it important to say how much I enjoyed it Saturday night!