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Feb 22, 2010 04:14 AM


Heading down to New Orleans tomorrow for a couple of days. Need recs on where to go for boiled crawfish. Spicier the better. Don't mind a side trip out of town to get them either.

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  1. The prolonged cold weather this winter has delayed the crawfish crop. Scarce, small-ish, and expensive right now. Saw some last week at K-Jean's in Mid-City for $4.99/lb. A few other places have them as well, but spotty and pricey.

    1. There is a local seafood joint 'The Boiling Point" specialize in seafood boil in New Iberia, about 30 min. from the city. Ridiculously cheap, simply fresh and good. Recommended by a local 10 years ago, and had revisited last year.

      1. Just got this info: Buy a tray of crawfish and get a free Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager.
        Friday, Feb 26, 4-7pm
        Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar
        701 Tchoupitoulas

        1. Try fishermans cove on williams near the airport. call ahead so you get
          cook and cooled crawfish so they stay cool for the ride home


          1. got some from RiverPond Seafood last weekend at $4.99 lb boiled.
            Village Inn was serving them last week as well. theirs were larger, but cannot remember the price.