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Feb 22, 2010 02:55 AM

Jianbing Guozi at Everyday Beijing in San Mateo

We were recently at Everyday Beijing in San Mateo and found that these had been added to the menu since our last visit. This is an egg crepe with scallions, stuffed with youtiao (fried dough) and a spicy sauce, which is common street food in northern China. My wife Jing and I had recently been in the San Gabriel valley looking for these, and this version blew away what we'd found in SG. Jing is from Tianjin, and she says these are the real deal.

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  1. Cool. Any other ordering hints at Everyday Beijing? I always point and guess there, and am not at all sure I'm getting what they do best.

    1. Great find! We haven't been back to EB in a while, so that's a pretty cool addition. Is this egg crepe item weekend brunch only, or can you order it during weekday lunch and dinner?

      A few months ago, we had a pretty cool Beijing style street food item at Sun's Chinese cuisine on the other side of B-street (near the movie theater). The owner Mr. Suan (who is from Beijing or somewhere nearby himself) used to work at EB and finally opened up his own restaurant. This was a one time offering only and I bet if enough requests are made, they will offer it again (or perhaps it is only a weekend brunch thing). It's called Xien Beifang Doufu Nao (Northern style savory tofu "brains"), and has the consistency of a good hot sour soup, and the soft tofu makes it a nice comfort food item. Perhaps it is similarly garnished (almost) like a savory soymilk, though it has contents resembling a little bit of hot sour soup, plus some slices of youtiao already inside and soaked.

      Sun's Chinese Cuisine
      251 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

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        I'm trying to remember what else is new. I don't think the jianbing was weekends only, but it was a weekend that we where there. They had doufu nao at EB as well, but Jing says it did not compare well with what she's used to from China. (The one you described from across the street sounds good, though!). We like the zhua bing (a kind of oily bread that you pull apart with your hands). Jing said her eggplant noodles were very good. And, on the weekends, they have the standard norther Chinese breakfast of soy milk and youtiao. We actually have been back a few times recently, after not having gone for a while I think they've gotten even a little better. For the poster above who had trouble communicating - the owner, when she's around, speaks good English.

        1. re: Martin Strell

          I stopped by earlier this week and ordered some of the basics:

          Beef Noodle Soup
          Chive/Egg Pancake (Jiao Cai He Zi)

          What I noticed is that since they claim they don't use MSG, the food isn't as salty. Although it may lack the MSG flavoring, I can surely do without it and I much prefer the no-MSG cooking.

      2. Just remembered that Chinjin Eastern House (Islamic Northern Chinese) in San Jose offers something called Jian Za Guo Zi 煎炸果子on the weekend brunch menu, although I'm not clear if that's a variant of youtiao (search seems to suggest that's what they call it in Tianjin, like this message board posting with picture of yohtiao and Jian Guao Zi Bing


        My visit to Chinjin Eastern House a year ago

        Chinjin Eastern House
        1530 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA