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Castagnole (Little chestnuts) - Sweet, Fried balls of Ricotta

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"Castagnole" are one of the sweets prepared exclusively during the Canival season in Italy.
So, I write the recipe, too late...

Little chestnuts - Sweet, Fried balls of Ricotta

50g soft butter
100g sugar
300g ricotta
2 eggs
450g cake flour
50g Potato starci
1Tbsp baking powder (16 grams)
50ml liqueur to taste (anise/limoncello)
50ml milk

On a pastry board prepare a firm dough (the same consistency of a gnocchi) with flour sifted with baking powder and potato starch, ricotta, soft butter, two eggs, liqueur a dash of lemon an orange peel. And add at the end the milk a little at a time until it is of the right consistency. Knead quickly, otherwise the dough becomes sticky.
Finally roll out the dough into little cylinders, which you will then cut into nut size piceces. Toss them immediately in a skillet, which you will keep shaking over a low flame. Once they are done, sprinkle the little chestnuts” (which they resemble) with confectioners’ sugar and serve.

Picture here:

Have a Nice day :)

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