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Feb 21, 2010 09:48 PM

Ft. Lauderdale w/ a group - Italian, Mexican or Seafood

I'm looking to book reservations this week for my parents and a group of doctors in town for a meeting. Last year we went to Eduardos which was a hit. Where can I take them this year? It is a small group so a restaurant with a private room or large tables would be preferred. Food quality is more important than ambience, but it shouldn't be a dump.


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  1. Maybe Casa D'Angelo's... good Italian food and a nice atmosphere

    1. I think the service at Casa D'Angelo is terrible. Food for me was very good but not spectacular. Much better service at Cafe Vico and you may be able to get one of the rooms to yourself. The Jib Room has fanstatic food and terrific service and it reasonable. The dining room is a bit small, so you might not be able to have your own room.

      1. You might try Chima. I hosted a dinner there for 20, and it was great! Everything was tasty, the location/setting is very cool, and the prix-fixe feature makes it all seamless for the hosts :)