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Feb 21, 2010 09:44 PM

Beer Battered Fish Recipe

I’d like to cook deep fried mahi-mahi (white fatty fish) with a semi-crispy beer batter coating. My husband is a massive fan.

Does anyone have a recipe for a yummy beer batter? And as I don’t really have many options for cooking oil, is vegetable oil sufficient? Also what temp should the oil be? I’ve invested in a candy thermometer to insure no burnt food.

Hope someone can help :-)

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  1. A basic beer batter is 1 cup AP flour, 1 12 oz. bottle or can beer of choice (Brit lager is best but American lager will do), 2 tsp salt, 1 egg, beaten, combine all. Batter will be thin. You can ramp up the flavor by adding granulated garlic or powder, black or white pepper (white pepper, no black specks), cayenne to taste. The more seasoned the batter, the better, especially with the cayenne addition, unless you don't like the heat.
    This formula will give you a thin, crispy coating. If you want a thicker coating, dredge the fish fillets in flour first, shaking off excess, then dip. The coating will probably be less crispy, maybe that's what you'd like when you wrote semi-crispy.
    Rice flour will give you a thin and light tempura-like coating and can be subbed for part of the AP flour in this recipe, which I think would be nice with mahi.
    Some recipes call for beaten egg whites folded in or the addition of baking powder for leavening, and there's yeasted beer batters for frying also, but I think the simpler the batter, the better. It's the fish that's the star here.
    Vegetable oil=soybean oil, just fine for deep fat frying. Oil temp should be about 365*.

    Good that you have a thermometer.

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      I wonder how a beer/besan batter would turn out? Could perhaps be good with plenty of malt vinegar for dipping.

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        I like besan flour.
        Ask and you shall receive:
        Can't vouch for the recipe, as I've never made it, but it looks tasty for veggies and seafood.
        Maybe a spicy citrus-based sauce with chili, mango and ginger to go with.

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          Sounds like a decent recipe. I'd suggest Kingfisher for the beer and Patak's Hot Mango Relish for the "sauce."

    2. Tyler Florence (while not using it himself) said that rice flour will add to the crunchiness of the crust.

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        Yes, rice flour is very good for crunchy batter bases.

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          I've made this recipe from Tyler with excellent results, I haven't tried it with beer but if you read the reviews you will see that it has been done with good results.

        2. Any beer, any neutral oil. Just make sure rthe beer is really cold. You can even add a little ice to the mixture. Don't overmix the mixture. Just toss a drop of batter or a piece of some vegetable in the oil to test for correct temp.

          1. If you don't have a thermometer, a kernel of popcorn in the oil will tell you when the oil is ready-it pops around 350, and has never failed me.