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Feb 21, 2010 07:47 PM

birthday party

I have a set of twins that are turning 13 this week. Looking for a fun place to take them. Something differant than Earls. Montannas, Joeys tomatoes etc...Any sugestions?

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    1. How adventurous are the twins? Do they have a fave cuisine/requests - and where in Calgay are you/how far are you ok with driving?

      I think they might get a kick out of Diner Deluxe (Edmonton Tr & about 8th Av NE)... and I've been reading good things about Una Pizzeria)17th Av) here on the board, or there's Jack Astor's (a chain but more fun imho than the usual)...

      If you can narrow things down a bit I'm sure we can find somewhere suitable :)

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      1. re: maplesugar

        we are in Calgary. Kids are pretty main stream. Prefer tostay within 30 minutes of city limits. I would like to try Una but kids are more of the Hawain style. Been to diner deluxe

      2. Who's going? Kids and their friends? Family? Kids on their own?

          1. Just family. My boy wants Hooters but I would be in the dog house with his Mom and Sister. I will have to wait for Dad and son night out and swear to keep that one to our selves. As my boy says there is more to a night than food. Tubby dog is fine but I would like to step it up a bit.

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            1. re: greatdane12

              So I know you vetoed Una, but at thirteen I would have though Pulcinella was pretty cool. Another thing I loved at that age was Japanese teppan grill type places; I'm sure there are some in Calgary but I'm not sure where they are. I also would have liked a place like Mongolie Grill where you pick your own ingredients and they get stir-fried BUT I think Mongolie Grill is gross... I think there is one called Open Sesame that might be better?

              Also, how did I not know there was a Hooters in Calgary? I have been so blissfully unaware.