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Feb 21, 2010 07:21 PM

Stuck springform pan bottom.

I made a layer cake the other day. One layer in a springform pan and the other in a regualr cake pan of the same size. In my eagerness to frost and taste the cake I just chucked the empty pans in the sink.

Well the bottom of the springform is firmly lodged in the normal pan. It isn't all the way to the bottom, but the seal is tight. I can't find a knife or spatula thin enough. Banging and pounding just piss off the neighbors. I tried sticking them in a warm oven to "expand" but no avail. Not real expensive, but I don't have a lot of money. Non-stick aluminum if that matters. Please Help!

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  1. Have you tried WD-40? Or maybe some canola oil?

    1. Have you tried turning the pan upside down and gently flexing (pull outward rather than pushing inward) the sides all around with your hands? Don't use enough force to bend and warp the pan, but maybe you might loosen the stuck spot enough to free the springform bottom.

      1. how about freezing them to see if the inner one contracts more than the cake pan?

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          even in the refrigerator for a few mins, should do the trick.
          heck if its 30 degrees outside (like here in NJ) stick the pans outdoors for a moment!

        2. Have you tried putting them in the freezer? Don't know if you could then press down on one side of the wedged base and tip it up to catch the underside on the other side.

          1. I had the same problem with a pizza tray and round aluminum pan... I now have a cake pan with a small dent in the side. I also put a small dent in every pizza tray I have now so this can't repeat itself.