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Feb 21, 2010 07:05 PM

looking for sugestions, at airport hotel for the week

Staying this week 5 nights in Hotel near Airport
Looking for suggestions, travel no problem, have car and GPS, like Indian, steak, BBC, burgers, had some Philly cheese stakes last time I was down, likes Johns Roast beef, for Cheese steak best, generally open to suggestions, say up to $ 35 with out drink

Thanks in advance

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  1. For BBQ, try Beebes in the Italian Market, For burgers either Royal Tavern or Good Dog. I am not enamored with the indian in this town, but Tiffin is probably best. For a fusion Indian experience you might try Cafe Spice in Old city. Best Steaks in town are in Center City .. Barclay Prime, Capital Grill are probably the two best.

    And just in case you are looking to return to Johns.. its known as Johns Roast Pork. You might want to consider trying a roast pork sandwich at Johns or perhaps DiNics in the Reading Terminal .. i like it with sharp provolone with either broccoli rabe or spinach.

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      LOL, I have John saved in my GPS, but sorry should have said pork not beef

    2. There is a great little BYO Italian (not on your list, but Phila does good Italian) at 1415 Porter St called L'Angelo. That's just one block off Broad St and it is pretty deep in South Phila, so very close to the Airport

      1. You can eat really well for $35 for one person. If you want to drive downtown you can hit some of the more upmarket spots and sit at the bar. Look into Zahav (Israeli), Amada, or Village Whiskey (upscale burger), Meritage, Amis, Osteria, Le Bar Lyonnais (none are overly fancy or pretentious). And in South Philly Le Virtu is good Abruzzi cuisine and has a nice little bar. If I had a $35 per diem, I'd be rocking out at these places.

        More casual/cheaper places with great bar eating: Pub & Kitchen, Royal Tavern, Standard Tap, South Philly Taproom, Zavino (pizza).

        If you don't have good Jewish delis where you are from, try corned beef or pastrami from Famous Fourth St.

        And of course there is always Reading Terminal Market, which you can reach on the R1 train from the airport but also has a discount parking garage.

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          thanks, I was thinking of fourth st, saw that before looked good, I have tried Pub and Kitchen, was told that village whisky is very crowded?

          1. re: djr222

            As a party of one, you'll have much better chances at getting in Village Whiskey and getting a seat at the bar than most parties of 3+.

            I also second Le Virtu, just ate there this past Saturday night for the first time and it was really good. Great housemade salumis and pastas. While we ate in the dining room, the bar area looked like a happening place.