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Feb 21, 2010 06:56 PM

The Egg And I

Took my family here for a special birthday breakfast after reading good reviews on Yelp and other sites. All I can say is it is terrible. Sausage was brown and serve type. Potatos were worse. Our fritata was so covered in cheese you could not taste anything else, which may have been a blessing. The food was below the quality of a breakfast buffet at La Quinta. But people were lined up out the door when we left. I just don't get it.

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  1. I remind myself that a lot of people's moms' cooking sucks, so bad food tastes like home to them ;)

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    1. re: foiegras

      Learning to cook eggs properly ruined breakfast restaurants for me.

    2. I rarely eat breakfast out but when I do, I love the egg dishes at the Original House of Pancakes. Their "puffed" omelets are incredible! And, they serve a turkey link breakfast sausage in the natural casing that's terrific.
      Plus, their coffee is a wonderful French roast.

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      1. re: twinwillow

        I like that place too (and you can eat breakfast for lunch there). Their country biscuit Benedict (biscuits, sausage, cream gravy) is a favorite of mine. Everything comes with pancakes, but you can sub fruit or something else. Their fresh-squeezed orange juice is nice too.

      2. Ewww, I had forgotten about this place. I went with a girlfriend of mine over the summer, she raved about it (should have known better, since the only thing edible in her house was eggo waffles). Had no idea you could screw up scrambled eggs, but they managed, were dried out to styrofoam consistency. Funny about the fritatta, we had the same problem with an omelette, was like eating a block of cheddar. yuck.

        1. Thanks for the heads up...a friend of mine was just telling me how great that place was.

          Sorry, buddy, I'm going with the opinion of the Chowhounders!