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Feb 21, 2010 06:54 PM


Visiting my son attending UCC - he lives on Bachelors Quay & will be staying at the Jurys close by. One night will be a birthday celebration - another just eating together for family time. We are very open to all cuisines and love to explore new menus or good traditional menus!

So please help us out !

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  1. Hi,

    I stayed in Cork last year for a couple of nights and we ate in a restaurant called The Strasbourg Goose. It was just by Paul Street shopping centre. We paid around €20 for a 3 course set menu and the food was outstanding for that price (other restaurants nearby wanted that much for just the main course). The service was friendly and they also offered us a more expensive bottle of wine that was similar to the first one we'd finsihed but at the cheaper price because they'd run out of the original. I had mussels then steak that were both fantastic and then thei 'banoffee pie' which was a rather unique take on what constitutes a pie but looked and tasted very nice too.

    Highly recommended!

    Hope this helps.


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      YES ! Thanks so much litrelord!

    2. Well I guess CORK is not all that popular as a destination among CHOWhounders.....who knew???

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        Disappointing, isn't it. I am planning to be in Cork in September and was hoping you would get more responses. So far I have only Michelin and Frommer's for recommendations. Please be sure to report after you go.

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          I think the problem is that there are no Cork based posters on the forum. From my limited experience of Cork City, I can recommend the English Market for a visit and the Farmgate Cafe there does hearty, comforting food.
          Denis Cotter's excellent vegetarian restaurant Cafe Paradiso is definitely worth a visit as is Les Gourmandise. After that, my knowledge of Cork gets a bit sketchy.
          Check out for menus and user reviews of Cork City restaurants.

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            Thanks, Patricko, I had looked at menupages but I just don't find it as reliable as CH. When we went to Dublin two years ago, I found it only slightly useful. I was lucky to get a lot of help from CH that time, and we ate very well (even if we did spend a small fortune!).

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            Yes it is disappointing - but hope springs eternal...LOL....I have another week to go before I arrive,,,,,I will check back a few more times.....maybe CORK is a CHOWHOUND wasteland???

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              I was in Cork many many years ago so no current recomedations. But have no fear it is a lovely part of the world and we found it very easy to get good fresh local food and also found some excellent pubs.

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                getting closer to my CORK days......thanks Nick the GOOSE looks like it has potential !