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Feb 21, 2010 06:41 PM

Post-Bar Burger

I am taking the new york and mass bar this week and when i finish on thursday afternoon all i want is a good burger and beer before i sleep soundly.

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  1. I suggest Highland Kitchen in Somerville. Their buger is uncomplicated, understated and something you can really look forward to...and the bar atmosphere will be the perfect complement. Good luck and congratulations!

    1. I had a great pub burger recently at Tory Row in Harvard Sq. Super juicy and nicely seasoned.
      Double cheeseburger at Green St. Grill- two relatively thin patties, griddled, with excellent bacon and cheese. Again, juicy, nicely seasoned, with a great bun.
      and of course, the massive Craigie St. bar burger (lots of threads about that)

      1. The burger at Kingston Station is unreal and will make a great segway into a nap

        1. The beef or veggie burger and a pint of Guinness at the Druid have been my post-work-marathon meal and never disappoint.

          1. The burger at Garden at the Cellar is great and uses local beef!

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              ugh, must disagree on this one--had a burger there for lunch recently, the patty was just weird, texture was all wrong with very little flavor. requested medium rare, came out rare. i really do like the fries, however. maybe this was just a mistake, it's my only experience with their burger, but i didn't care for it.

              1. re: autopi

                We actually ended up going to RF O'Sullivans in Sommerville (i didn't get to choose so i couldn't take advantage of the mouthwatering suggestions) and it was seriously delicious if you are looking for a new spot

                1. re: idreamoffood

                  Ooo, good option! I didn't even think to suggest it so I'm glad someone introduced it to you. I really like the cajun spices on one of their burgers...and the onion rings are to die for... Very glad that you survived 2 bar exams as well. That is worth a couple of beers and burgers, at least!