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Feb 21, 2010 06:22 PM


Has anyone tried Dashing Dishes, Simply Supper, or The Passionate Plate before? whats your thoughts and which place do you prefer? I'm liking the idea of it as I don't have much time to prep at home

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  1. I've only done the Dinner Factory in St. Albert and while I liked some dishes better than others it was definitely a time saver, although not cheap. Make sure you have plenty of freezer space before going.

    1. Tried a few things from The Passionate Plate when we used to live in Edmonton. Overall, I didn't think the food was that great and they take up a lot of space (especially if you don't have a big freezer and are buying meals for two).
      Frankly, I was happier getting takeout from the restaurants near our place for a few bucks more.

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        BTW, one thing I did when I went to the Dinner Factory was go with a friend and we split our orders up so that they were smaller meals.

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          there is also D'Lish they use organic ingredients I believe. not sure about the prices. they have take away (3 or 4 dishes that change daily) so you could go and try them first.