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Feb 21, 2010 06:14 PM

A Foodie in San Antonio

I'm coming to San Antonio for a conference in March. I'll be staying by the convention centre.

I'm food obsessed.

Hello, I am on chowhound . . . we're all food obsessed. *smile*

As a food obsessed visitor in San Antonio what are the spots that I shouldn't miss? Food shops? Experiences . . .

I'm game for just about most things food-related.

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    For food shops, go to Central Market on Broadway. Amazing produce, cheese selection, etc.
    Might be fun to go the the farmer's market at Pearl Brewery on Sat monring and then have lunch at Il Sogno.

    1. Biga's.....very good food and service when I was there in October. I had venison and quail, and enjoyed both.

      1. I'd recommend saeydoc's link for a current review of the upscale dining scene downtown. Even without a car, the Pearl and southtown are walkable destinations from the convention center-I'm not knocking the Riverwalk, but too many people never look for anything else on a visit here.
        If you're here March 14th you might consider the paella cook-off at the Pearl (info on this( )link.