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Feb 21, 2010 06:12 PM

Steak recs in Westchester

I just got my latest Westchester Magazine which reviews a bunch of steakhouses. Unfortunately I do not trust their reviews, and I would like to find a place for a steak dinner in Westchester or southern CT (the title of this board notwithstanding, I only live 15 minutes from Greenwich). I don't want to go to the city. My husband looked at the reviews and was intrigued by Willett House. While price is not the critical issue, we definitely don't want to leave hungry, and he loves the porterhouse for 2 option. Please... make a suggestion!


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  1. I'm not an authority, but my favorite is Frankie & Johnnies' in Rye. I've been to Willet House many times over the years, it does not compare with quality steak houses in NYC. I've also heard really great things about Flames in Briarcliff Manor, but have never been.

    1. Steak houses here are competent, but no life-altering, Luger-esque or Keen-esque experience awaits you. Don't be seduced by the food-porn pictures in that article. For a great steak experience you'll have to trek to Brooklyn or Manhattan (or Great Neck- I still maintain there is no difference in the steak between the 2 Luger's locations).

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        Quite agree. Both Lugers are good, although LI doesn't have the 'tude of the waiters.

        doc_k55, you have to go outside Westchester for good steak. Forget Westchester magazine.

      2. Just a side note that I totally agree that I don't trust Westchester Magazine reviews. The only good thing I noticed about this article was that they took Croton Creek Steakhouse off their list. That is on MY list of one of the WORST restaurants in Westchester!

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          BLT Steak may not be great, but its pretty darn good.

        2. We really CAN'T go to Manhattan or Brooklyn for this dinner... hence the request for Westchester or CT recs. Spouse loves Peter Luger's. It's not my favorite, but I like a medium rare filet or strip.... probably easier to do well at a lot of places. Good fries or onion rings and decent portions are a plus.

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            If LI is out of the question, then I recommend Willett House. The prices are high, but not as sky high as BLT, Mo's, Ruth Cris, or Morton's, and the steaks were fine. We did not leave hungry.

          2. I grew up around the corner from Peter Lugers in Great Neck and went there all through my growing up years and have been to the Brooklyn location many times. In the 80's I lived 4 blocks from the Palm and used to go to Palm (the original) and Palm II frequently. Last year I moved up to Westchester and since then have been to Flames a number of times and I would have to say it is the equal of either Palm or Peter Luger. You don't have to got to NYC or Nassau county to get a good steak. Take that for what it's worth cause it's all personal anyway. I refuse to go to Ruth Chris for anything cause they deserted the city of New Orleans within five days of Karina and moved their HQ from Metarie to Orlando.

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            1. re: soundsource

              Flames is that good, soundsource? I'll have to give it a try.

              1. re: anonymouse1935

                I am from the North Shore of Long Island and live near steak row! I was at Flames and thought it was great! Give it a shot, great steaks.

                1. re: wojiparu

                  Thanks, wojiparu. If you say it compares to Luger in LI, then I will indeed have to try it.

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    Not saying its better. Its one hell of steakhouse for westchester! Smiles

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                      I agree - we were very pleasantly surprised by Flames. The porterhouse for two was incredibly tasty. The host was very gracious as well.

                      1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                        So interesting how there are so many opinions. Friends also recommended BLT steak, Willett House, and Capital Grille in Stamford.