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Feb 21, 2010 05:54 PM

Where should I buy wild salmon?

Any chowhounders out there know where to buy wild salmon in NYC, ideally Brooklyn? I've been reading about how wild salmon is often just farmed salmon, because it means huge profits for the seller. Is there a place to trust out there?
Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. FISH TALES on Court Street has impeccable Wild Salmon when it is in season. They are wonderful, knowledgeable people who just love Fish. They have the highest standards. John gets no deliveries, but picks out the days's selections at the FFMarket.

    Prices are reasonable considering the quality.

        1. re: hungrytime

          I would wait until June or get in touch with the Alaskan Salmon fishing Association in Sitka, Alaska.

          1. re: son of a butcher

            I googled and googled but I didn't find anything under Alaskan Salmon fishing Association in Sitka, Alaska - do you have any contact info for them?

          1. re: jen kalb

            Since wild salmon is out of season, your best bet is Trader Joe's, which has frozen coho, sockeye, and silverbrite salmon, for very cheap.

        2. Fairway has it, I was just there. $15.99/lb

          1. Choice Greene (on Greene near corner of Grand Ave.) has a small, but very nice and fresh fish market that sells wild salmon. I think it's around $15.99/lb. They get deliveries on Tues and Friday I believe.

            1. One of the few fresh wild salmon in season now is steel-head wild salmon, and you can find it at Fish Tales on Court Street, in Cobble Hill. Otherwise, you can get some pretty decent frozen wild sockeye salmon (one of my personal favorites, along with Copper River salmon) at Trader Joe's...which is only a few blocks away from Fish Tales.

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                The wild sockeye at Trader Joe's is pretty good. Good-looking fish, vacuum-sealed. The only possible caveat I might have is if you were looking for a big slab o' fish, because the TJ's sockeye packages are broken down into 2 pieces that make about 2-3 servings. But for 2 servings of an everyday, easy-to-cook cut for about $8, it's not too shabby.

                1. re: BklynBlaise

                  Steelhead is not salmon...its sea-run rainbow trout. They can get pretty large.

                  1. re: EricMM

                    The steelhead salmon I've purchased are actually a species of wild oceanic salmon. Some people refer to steelheads as trout...but they're really a type of salmon.


                    1. re: BklynBlaise

                      Its a matter of semantics. This guy is saying basically that rainbow trout are landlocked salmon. Salmon and trout are very closely related. However, trout are freshwater fish that will migrate to the ocean if they are in coastal streams (all trout will do this) and salmon are ocean fish that travel into fresh water for spawning. Salmon can adapt to fresh water only (hence the Great Lakes fishery) just as trout with access to the ocean will adapt to spawning there.

                      1. re: EricMM

                        This is great. But I'm a little confused, does it taste like salmon or rainbow trout? Thanks for all the info!

                        1. re: hungrytime

                          I'm not sure that I've ever actually tasted guess is that its probably similar to char...I did see it in a market, but it was too expensive....and I'm not sure it was wild.