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Feb 21, 2010 05:28 PM

Tetley's (UK) Tea in Sacramento?

Does anyone have a source for Tetley's UK tea in the Sacramento area? The Tetley's you can buy in Safeway etc. as "British Blend" is not the same as the stuff available in the UK or Canada. My dad's friends brought him a stash from Canada in their RV, and it is sooooo much better. I went to Cost Plus today but no luck there. My folks are British so I'm looking for an authentically British tea, not a "gourmet" loose leaf Assam gold tip tea experience. I want to brew it strong and drink it with milk and sugar.

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  1. I'm in Sunnyvale and I just bought PG Tips teabags at a local Indian supermarket - 160 for 9.99 and definitely made in England. BTW Trader Joe's Irish tea is pretty strong.

    1. Have you checked the Tea Cozy? It's in the building next to the Fox & Goose. The address is 1021 R Street.

      The Tea Cozy
      4286 Bridge St, Cambria, CA 93428