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Feb 21, 2010 03:38 PM

Wining and Dining in Amador County

We (two couples) are touring the Amador wine country in two weeks. We prefer casual local places to eat. We are going to head to Volcano for Union and have one other night to fill. We are considering Tambien in Jackson. Are than any other CASUAL places with GOOD food that we should consider.
Any ideas on NEW small wineries would be helpful too. We know there is a wine event that weekend which we may go to for one day.

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  1. I haven't been to the area in nearly 5 years and I don't even believe the Union was around back then. I used to go to the St. George Hotel and Whiskey Bar in Volcano. It used to be good but was sold a while back and was trending downhill. I am not sure how it is now but might be worth checking out since you will be in town.

    The other place the opened is Taste.

    I have heard good things and have wanted to head back and give it a try. Not sure if it is considered casual.

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      Both Taste in Plymouth and The Union in Volcano are run by the same people.

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        Yes, I know that they are the same people, but so different! Have not decided on Taste- thought not casual there are mixed reviews and may consider . We are just looking for alternatives to Taste. We will go to Union in Volcano, but other night still undecided. Samll wineries?

    2. It's been a while since I was in Jackson, but both Buscaglia's and Theresa's were very good.

      1. I thought V Restaurant was excellent in Plymouth. Any one else try it? Am I off the mark?

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          I don't recall a V Restaurant in Plymouth. Did you mean the restaurant in Murphy's?

        2. My husband and I just returned from there yesterday. I also worked there. Great area!

          We had dinner at Taste one night. Pretty good. I ordered the wrong entree (Tofu, not good or worth it). But had onion soup which I really liked. My husband had the duck, which was also ok but he loved the sides (farro, balsamic braised onion).

          I had dinner at Twisted Fork in Sutter Creek one night and very much enjoyed my food. It's Italian. The portions are very big which scared me. But food is good. I was with a colleague who had the pot roast which she loved.

          We heard good/mixed things about Susan's Place in Sutter Creek. Just didn't make it. The Mexican place in Sutter Creek is not very good.

          Andrae's Bakery in Amador City is excellent. We had lunch there yesterday- deli/bakery. Ready made sandwiches were fantastic.

          We tried to go to Union Pub but it was closed on a Thursday for lunch.

          We also went to 14 wineries. I'll post on some favorites. My husband still organizing our notes!

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            I don't know re: "NEW" since this was our first visit here.

            Places we liked that were on the "new" end are:

            Jeff Runquist

            Not sure if new, we enjoyed Renwood and Cooper Wines.

            BTW, my husband and I are red wine drinkers--- So we tasted primarily Zins, Barbera's, Sangiovese, and Ports.

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              We love the Amador Valley but I am not a fan of Taste. Everytime we go there there have been issues of either running out of prix fixe items at 6:30 or ill prepared food. Way overated perhaps because there is no fine dining in my opinion unfortunately in Amador County. We tried Twisted Fork which is a welcome addition to Sutter Creek which has so much potential but no decent restaurants. It's a casual Italian American restaurant that fills a void that is simple but well prepared. This area has so much potential with the wineries but it does not have the tourist infrastructure of dining. Murphy's in my opinion is farther ahead in that regard.

              Twisted Fork
              25 E Main St, Ione, CA 95640

              1. re: Oceanlover

                >>>Sutter Creek which has so much potential but no decent restaurants. It's a casual Italian American restaurant that fills a void that is simple but well prepared. This area has so much potential with the wineries<<<

                Believe it or not, Napa Valley had the same growing pains, a derth of restaurants, "back in the day".

            2. The Union Inn and Pub has VERY good food. I've had 3 dishes there so far and all were very good to excellent. Friendly service. Wide variety of beer and very nice selection of wines. A few slip-ups on the lodging makes me think they have a weak link or two but, overall a great place.