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Feb 21, 2010 03:18 PM

Mr. B's (and more) with kids?

We're coming down in a couple of weeks and will be bringing 5 year old twins. They do well in restaurants (because Mom and Dad like to eat), but they aren't yet particularly adventurous eaters. We have plans for Dick and Jenny's, jazz brunch at Commander's Palace, and are toying with a couple of others. It's a quick trip, but hopefully the first of many.

I'd like to go to Mr. B's (I'm feeling compelled to eat the BBQ shrimp), but am wondering about the kids. Would they be welcome at dinner? We'd go early-ish - maybe 6:30, but it would be a Saturday night. I'm sure they don't offer a kids' menu, but do they fix boring, kids' food on request?

Also curious about experiences at American Sector - I want to hit a John Besh restaurant for my uber-fan husband.

Oh - and we'll have to hit Willie Mae's, too. Our last trip down was a rebuilding trip and we worked on the restaurant. Can't wait to eat there.

I'd love any other ideas. And I don't know why, but my husband is not excited about the Mandina's menu, so we'll have to pass on that this time.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. If you want to do Besh but can't commit to August, do Luke - it is EXCELLENT bistro fare, on par with what Keller does at Bouchon.

    1. I don't think Mr. B's would have a problem with well-behaved children at dinner. You could call and ask them. I vaguely remember seeing a couple with a child about 6-8ish in there once at lunch. If it's for dinner, I would make a reservation. You could ask them about the children's menu at that time. They have soups, salads and burgers so I'm guessing there would be something they could eat.

      I would walk on a bed of hot nails for those bbq shrimp. I hope you get to try them. If you can't try Mr. B's, try Pascal's Manale.

      1. Skip American Sector, mediocre food, terrible service. August is by far Besh's best. Sadly, it won't work w /small children. Get to Willie Mae's at 11:00 (when they open). Try Emeril's for lunch(m-f).. Kids can split a burger.

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        1. re: JazzyB

          really? what was wrong?

          my friends really enjoyed the short rib sloppy joe and house-made bologna sandwich.

          i havent been inside. is it sit-down service or more like a typical museum cafe?

          1. re: kibbles


            The food: Blackeyed peas were watery and tasteless. Garlic glazed fried chicken wings were like a slightly spicy "sweet and sour". Buster crab po boy was 2/3 lettuce, tomatoes, 1/3 crab. Short rib sloppy joe was greasy. Cheddar should have been left off. The sharpness of the cheese did not work with the sweet sauce. Onion rings were the thick variety, overly battered and soggy. Gumbo was mediocre and needed some punch...couldn't manage to get our waiter's attention for some hot sauce

            The service: Awful, albeit entertaining watching the mishaps at the tables on either side. Table #1, waiter dumped pickle juice in diner's purse. Table #2, waiter brought diner wrong poboy 2 times. Finally got it right after the rest of her party had long since finished

          2. re: JazzyB

            I thought my lunch at American Sector was wonderful, the house made bologna sandwich was great, my wife had a the crab meat salad which she loved. The service was ok, nothing special, but I was not expecting fantastic service at this place.

          3. When my son was young, with a very limited appetite for different foods, Mr. B's would always fix him a grilled cheese sandwich with chips and a glass of milk. Enjoy.
            Let us know what you think of Willie Mae's.

            Mr B's Bistro
            201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

            1. When my neice and nephew were young, Mr. B's was their favorite restaurant. The staff was always very nice to them.

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              1. re: Crabby Clara

                Wanted to thank everyone. We just returned from an amazing trip. LOVED the food at Dick & Jenny's - would like to go back right now. The kids were more than welcomed at Mr. Bs and the BBQ Shrimp met all expectations (the kids also loved to see Mommy in a bib). My daughter was given beads and a flower by ladies at a nearby table, so she was in heaven. Commander's Palace jazz brunch was also unforgettable, especially with my daughter leading the second line.

                Sadly, we missed Willie Mae's this time. Oh well - we'll just have to go back soon.

                Thank y'all for all of the input!

                1. re: dubtrub

                  Sounds great! My first visit to NOLA was as a youngster and it's definitely a memorable place for kids!