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Feb 21, 2010 03:11 PM

Saturday on the mall during Cherry Blossom blooming

Coming from Chapel Hill for the weekend to stay near the Capitol during Cherry Blossom time. (Thinking of Obelisk for dinner.) We have a four year old who eats everything. Wondering if it is a good idea to picnic for lunch with another family with a toddler an infant. Any suggestions for location or where to purchase supplies? If this is a bad idea, would love suggestions for us to eat lunch near there. Price not much of a problem as much as 2 toddlers and an infant. The American Indian museum cafe looked interesting but the reviews were mixed. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I read that the bad weather wiped out the cherry blossoms this year.

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      what would be your lunchtime suggestions? Would Tosca work with children or Central?

    2. The mall during events will be PACKED. I wouldn't try to take up the space with so many people around. Plus with all the snow still hanging out it has the possibility of being seriously muddy. They don't have tables on the Mall.

      A colder than average winter will delay blooming but it won't "wipe out" the blossoms.

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          yeah hot dog carts and park stands will be open, if it's during the formal event (dunno the schedule) yakitori and stuff will be served around the old post office one weekend. otherwise, bleak pickings on the Mall itself.

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            The Sakura Matsuri (Japanese street festival), where you can buy food, is on April 10 this year.

            In the best of years, most of the food stands have nothing to do with Japanese food. I have enjoyed the Japanese food there in the past, but the posts on Chowhound last year regarding the food were pretty uniformly negative (I didn't go last year, so have no personal opinion).

            The festival does have child-appropriate activities, so it might be fun for your four year old. Probably overwhelming for an infant.