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Feb 21, 2010 02:54 PM

Korean noodles in the Peninsula or South Bay?

My very pregnant friend is having a craving for Korean noodles. She didn't know what they were called, but said they were soupy, like pho or ramen. And spicy.

I don't know much about Korean food, my foodie friends were no help, and I don't know any Koreans to ask (the friend in question is Vietnamese).

Does anybody know what she's referring to, and ideally know a place in the South bay or Peninsula that serves these? Thanks so much!

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  1. -- bunch of different spellings.

    You can always get the Korean spicy instant ramen at Asian/Korean markets also. Nongshim is a popular brand.

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      For a great food-related animated TV series, check out Samauri Champloo, Champloo being the same dish. Taken to mean "mashup" in this context. Food plays a prominent role in the plots.

      Anyway. The only Korean north of Sunnyvale of any note is So Gong Dong on ECR in PA. However, the quality is only OK, and the menu is short. I've never had any of those kinds of noodles there. If there's a menu pages entry, you might be able to figure out if they serve it.

      Sunnyvale and south, you get a lot of BBQ places, like Palace BBQ.

      There's a reputable thread on Soon Dobu, and likely places that serve that well serve noodles well. (although the top-ranked place in the thread is notated as closed.)

    2. Awesome, thank you both so much. I *knew* I wasn't searching on the right keywords.

      From that thread, Jang Su Jang looks promising. We'll check it out and report back. But if anybody has any other ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks for the help!

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        Might be Jampong or Champong. It's soupy and spicy, and all about the noodles. You can get it in a split bowl at Zazang on Stevens Creek in Cupertino.

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          This is likely way too late -- I came across this threat on a search -- but the generic Korean noodle dish is kal kuksu, knife-cut noodles. Usually in a chicken broth. Unfortunately I heard that Dumpling and Noodle restaurant, which was good for this, closed.