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Feb 21, 2010 02:25 PM

Need High Point NC recs

Will be spending a weekend in High Point in April. I have gotten recs for Blue Water Grill, but would like other ideas as well. Has anyone been to Blue Water recently? Please share your experience.


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  1. I actually ate at Blue Water last Thursday night. Your biggest issue will be finding the restaurant as the sign to the shopping center where it is located is not lit.

    The food was quite good as I had salmon and my companion had the grouper. The portions were not large but were not small either. The presentation was nice and each entree came with two sides (mine had mashed potatoes and I substituted asparagus for green beans). The service was a bit slow as our waiter kept disappearing. However, I would definitely eat there.

    Other considerations for High Point include Gianno's for Italian, Steak Street, and Southern Roots. It is a shame that Aquaria closed.

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      Mama Mia's off of Westchester in High Point I've always found to be really good for Italian. The owner is straight from Italy, his name is Sal. The only the problem I've found is that some dishes change depending on the chef that's preparing them. It can be a little disappointing when you go to order your favorite dish and something about it just isn't the same. But the atmosphere has always been nice, not too crowded, but a decent personality and ambiance.

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        Went to Steak Street's website and they look very interesting. Any food recs for there?

        Thanks for the help.

      2. High Point,NC is near Lexington, NC, which along with Memphis, Kansas City, and Austin, is considered one of the barbeque meccas in America. Just a thought...

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          I concur. Drive over to Lexington and go to Lex #1. It is legendary.

        2. Southern Roots in Jamestown is very close by (not more than 5 min from downtown High Point) and is excellent! Not sure if they have a web site but this is a good article from the newspaper. They are open for lunch now.

          1. If you like Thai, Thai Chiang Mai on the corner of North main and Paris Ave is very good. A good sandwich/lunch spot is Grateful Bread also on North Main but near Lexington Ave.

            Will your trip be during Furniture market? A lot of places have limited menus during market or you will be waiting forever for a table because the influx of people. I try to avoid going into High Point during market just because it gets so crazy at that time. Just a FYI.

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              Thanks for the heads up. We'll be there on Saturday, 4/24 and leaving the next day.