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desperate for dumplings!

In the last few years I've eaten my way around New York in search of good vegetarian dumplings. I've had a few decent ones, but none come close to the kind found in Taiwan or mainland China. All the ones i've tried here have chunky, bland filling, with really thick wrappers. Surely there must be some truly outstanding vegetarian dumplings in this great city??? I've tried the dumplings at Ollie's, New Green Bo, Vanessa's, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, Prosperity Dumpling, Sammy's Noodle Shop, Rohm, Spice, and some other places I can't remember. Help, please! I'm getting desperate!

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  1. You might want to give your post a more descriptive title, and also note where you've already been. That said, I like Dim Sum Go Go. Chinatown Brasserie is good also, but expensive.

    1. have you even been to fried dumpling? not translucent paper thin wrappers, but damn good..

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        thanks -- I've tried the dumplings at Ollie's, New Green Bo, Vanessa's, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, Prosperity Dumpling, Sammy's Noodle Shop, Rohm, Spice, and some other places I can't remember.

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          rickshaw is awful...prosperity i love as well as vanessa's....you didnt like them? i actually have vanessa's in my freezer now..dinner!

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            Fried Dumpling on Allen closed. Fried Dumpling on Mosco is still there, but I don't recall their having vegetarian dumplings.

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              Fried Dumpling on Mosco HAS veggie dumplings, maybe just frozen as I only get them that way (frozen). 50 for $10 and they're delish!!! We take them home and fry them and yummy.

        2. I've heard Dumpling Man is pretty good for Vegetable dumplings.


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            I went to Dumpling Man 3 years ago and never returned. I disliked all of the flavors that I tried intensely including the vegetarian.

            Dim Sum Go Go has some great vegetarian dumplings including the snow pea one.

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              When you say you did not like the flavors, do you mean the seasonings or the protein and vegetable combinations? Personally, I generally stick to pork and or shrimp offerings. I never order vegetable dumplings myself, but will when out with company. Concerning the seasonings, they use ginger, chives and scallions with soy sauce and or sesame oil as the basic seasonings...pretty traditional. With regards to the vegetable, they used two kinds tofu, one regular and another smoked.....it's possibly the latter that didn't sit well with you.

              I can completely understand your feelings though....I have commented on the same about Dim Sum Go Go....Some Dim Sum are very good and others simply don't work for me. I like the concepts of both Dumpling Man and Dim Sum Go Go......but I'm perfectly happy going to Prosperity for my pork dumpling fix.... and Jing Fong or Oriental Garden for my dim sum fix.

          2. Dim Sum a Go Go - must have pan fried pork dumplings, and the duck dumplings are amazing!!
            But if you go, be sure to have baked pork buns, they sell out by 4PM In fact they sell out of many things...
            And best entree: ginger beef! Best anywhere.

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              The OP is looking for vegetarian dumplings.

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                Dim Sum Go Go also has a wide variety of vegetarian options. There are like 10 vegetable dumplings on the menu. I liked one I tried a lot. I think it may have been the snow pea leaf dumplings.

              2. Have you ever tried Shanghai Cafe in Chinatown? I go there specifically for their vegetable dumplings and a beer. I'm a meat eater and I don't miss it one bit when I have there dumplings.


                1. Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell St. has a terrific snow pea leaf dumpling.

                  1. thanks for all the suggestions! Can't wait to start eating. Just wondering - have any of you ever had the vegetarian dumplings at Din Tai Fung, at any of their locations in Asia? Those have ruined me for all others!!!

                    1. Chinatown Brasserie has nice choices much more expensive than Chinatowns but well worth it
                      dont and i repeat dont eat anything else besides the dim sum
                      the most ordinary entrees ever and skip the desserts

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                        The question is what will happen to Chinatown Brasserie's dim sum when Joe Ng leaves to open the other restaurant this summer and Chinatown Brasserie gets kicked downstairs into the lounge area. I'm thinking the new place will be the go-to place.

                      2. I rather like the taro and cilantro dumplings at Red Egg, though might prefer the plain cilantro if you don't like chunky filling.

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                          those are pretty unique, yup, never had those elsewhere and I really like them.

                        2. wonder if a korean place will give you better results. not mandoo bar but maybe Hyo Dang Gak or another korean-chinese place. the korean-style usually has good vegetables and vermicelli in them. I recall seeing them on the menu of the second-floor "fountain" dumplings at Flushing Mall but I never ordered them.

                          wondering also about some of the Golden Mall dumpling specialists as well.

                          1. Edit--Tasty Dumplings is the name of the place. As a side note I like their sesame pancakes with beef as a cheap snack. Their wontons are nice too.

                            1. Good place in K-Town (32 and Broadway), place is called Mandoo, it is actually a Korean dumpling place. Many kinds, the kimchee are tasty and you can choose between fry or steam.

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                                Yeah, Mandoo Bar is worth a try. I actually think their entrees (i.e. bibimbap) are better than their dumplings, but they do have a variety of them and I remember them having good veg dumplings.

                              2. Shanghai Cuisine on 89 Bayard.

                                ETA: the french onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social

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                                  The Stanton Social dumplings aren't vegetarian - they're made with meat stock.

                                2. I'm a dumpling-crazed lunatic, but mostly meat dumplings. Did two tours in Chinatown, and have tried countless other places throughout Manhattan for more than 10 yrs. My current favorite, believe it or not, is at China Fun on Columbus near W72nd. They are plump and juicy, and the coating is incredible. Can't really explain it but you just have to try these. Yes, they are more expensive but they are made fresh (takes 10-15 minutes to make) and they are so good. I would imagine the veggie dumplings would be amazing as well, and my very picky friend raves about the shrimp dumplings there. I've also tried Mandoo which I like but they put a few more scallions (??) inside than I like.

                                  1. Chinese dive - Great NY Noodletown you probably already know the place corner of Bayard & Bowery - they make the best vegetarian dumpling I've ever had. This is not a dumpling restaurant, all the food is very authentic, not Americanized, and delicious. Enjoy!

                                    1. I also vote for Mandoo Bar on East 32nd. I've had the seafood dumplings, meat dumplings and kimchi dumplings. All really yummy! There's also Prosperity Dumpling, with two locations. The dumplings there aren't bad and quite inexpensive - 10 for $2 for 50 for $9. They're also freshly made when you order. Not as good as Mandoo Bar. Haven't had dumplings elsewhere tho.