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Feb 21, 2010 01:37 PM

Seafood suggestions for Lompoc or there abouts

Fresh seafood is difficult to come by where I live. My last trip to Paso Robles I found Pier 46 and loved it. I'm going to Lompoc for a few days and would love to find something with that caliber of fresh seafood again.
So far all I'm finding in Lompoc though is a fish and chips place called Alfie's, which doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for, and a place called Jetty's that gets mixed reviews.
The Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach sounds ideal, but that's an hour away. Is there anything closer, say in Santa Maria or Solvang, that has good fresh fish?

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  1. Have yet to try but the only ones on my chowdar is the Thai place (fried whole fish) and a note that Sissy's offers a fresh fish entree, but it sounds a little weird:


    Thai Cuisine – great soups, fried fish
    (805) 736-7450
    920 North I Street

    Root 246 in Solvang might be an alternative, probably only @ 15 min away.

    Looking fwd to hearing what you sniff out.

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      Buellton- which is 17miles( aprox. 25 minuntes) east of Lompoc- has ARU sushi- located on McMurray road- next to Albertsons Grocery. ARU has fantastic specials- which sometimes include whole fried fish. The owner personally drives to LA fish market to pick fresh fish several times a week.

      Lompoc has Sushi Teri on West Ocean blvd, B+ sushi and items usually served at sushi places...there is a sushi place on North H st and College- I wouldnt try it, unless someone specifically said to.

      Buellton also has Firestones Brewery/restaurant that has rather expensive fish & chips - you can check their web site for a menu.

      Great fish tacos in Buellton at TACO ROCO, south Ave of the Flags. The best fish tacos around!!

      1. re: JalamaMama

        I found a reco for the Calamari Salad at Sushi Teri in my notes, would you agree?

        1. re: PolarBear

          Thanks for the recommendation. There's plenty of good sushi places where I live. I'm looking for more traditional fish places. Fresh fish can be hard to come buy. A couple of days ago an otherwise good Mexican restaurant gave me a shrimp ceviche that had some nasty shrimp. It just passes through too many hands to get here, usually.

          1. re: PolarBear

            the calamari salad is delicious!

            In Lompoc itself, there is the Jetty Restaurant...but I will not vouch for their skills.

            1. re: JalamaMama

              Steve: Northern Santa Barbara county is mostly a conservative (think beef) dining area, few tourist spots, with steak houses and traditional restaurant menus. The few exception would be places like Chef Rick's and Trattoria Uliveto in Orcutt. Rick is a master of sauces. I've had most of his menu and 'specials' seafood and it's been wonderful.

              Most CC seafood restaurants tend to cluster in what used to be fishing port towns (it's a tough business nowdays) Avila, Morro Bay.

              An exception to that are the No. SB Co. sushi bars. They have very fresh fish served simply, no European sauces, 'salsas', crusting, etc. Mostly broiled, perhaps a sauce dish on the side. Typical sushi bar style.

              Let us know what you find!

              1. re: toodie jane

                Both Chef Ricks and Trattoria Uliveto are 20 minutes from Lompoc.

                1. re: kaki3152

                  Steve mentioned being willing to travel as far as Santa Maria.

      2. Sissy's Cafe in Lompoc DOES offer a fresh local catch on daily specials for most dinners (Friday-Sunday). This past Friday had local halibut and it was incredibly fresh. It came with a dollop of something Mediterranean (maybe it was sundried tomatoes and basil) but the fish was unadulterated. It's a family run from scratch place so if the fish prep doesn't appeal I imagine it can be modified.

        They have a heavenly wine list too.