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Feb 21, 2010 12:40 PM

Sarah's Wine Bar (Ridgefield CT) - A great mid-priced alternative

The jfoods visited Sarah’s Wine Bar, the upstairs at Bernards in Ridgefield a few times over the last few weeks. This place has huge potential and if you order correctly, you are in for a great meal surrounded by a tremendous buzz. The difference between the white cloth, high end first floor of Bernards, and the upstairs paper table cloths is night and day. Serene, downstairs and overly lively upstairs. If you arrive at prime time on a weekend night, you will see every table filled (no reservations) and the bar three deep.

A few recommendations to order and one to avoid. The smoked salmon appetizer with toasts was excellent, the salads were all fresh and the dressing was a nice balsamic vinaigrette and the onion soup was deep in flavor, the onions nicely caramelized with a nice topping of cheese. The ravioli choices of three cheese as well as butternut squash were very well done. On the negative side, the Kobe burger was less than acceptable and Jfood questions whether the kitchen prepared the Kobe or the Sirloin and the truffle fries that came with the Kobe were fair. How can you beat a nice salad ($7), great onion soup ($9) and a half order of housemade ravioli ($10). Well worth the price.

The wine list also appears on line if you would like to see before leaving the house.

For an alternative to some of the restaurants along 123 the extra drive for the jfoods would make this a return restaurant again.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation and suggestions! The Mrs and I love Bernards, but good to know there is a lower cost, less formal option.

    BTW, I'm not a fan of any of the 123 restaurants, Nino's or L'Europe (now closed I think). Chateau is good to go for the experience, but not good enough IMO to return to.

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      One down and one up for Nino's. Jfood really likes the food and owners (staff is a bit challenged). The penne with vodka sauce and sausage is a wonderful comfort food. You just have to be REAL careful about asking for prices on the specials. They can be 2x the normal entree.

    2. Glad you made it Sarah's JFood! It's one of our favorites. My only complaint is the horribly tired decor both upstairs and downstairs. I ignore it though for the quality of the food! Did you check out the wine specials? Oh, wait, I think you don't drink. For those who do (I'm far from a wine expert) they have a pretty large list of special bottles for $25.