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Feb 21, 2010 12:31 PM

Good eats near Sant Antoni Market

I'm heading to Barcelona for a week in early March, staying near the Sant Antoni Market. Am curious if there are good breakfast (light -- coffee, croissant, etc.) and dinner options in the vicinity. It's hard for me to get a sense of the scale of Barcelona, having never been before, and I wouldn't mind finding a few restaurants within a shortish (15-20 minute max) walk from the Hotel Market. Many thanks in advance for the guidance.

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  1. Mercado Sant Antoni is not far, about 10 minute walk from Placa de Catalunya, the hub of Barcelona. You will not have any problem finding nearby cafes for breakfast. As for other meals, don't restrict yourself to that particular area as it is not the most interesting part of the city. Since you are only about 10 minute walk to La Rambla, you are very not far from El Ravel (5 minute walk), the Bari Gotic (15 minute walk), El Born(25 minutes), 5 and the Eixample (10 to ? minutes depending on how far you wish to walk). These are the three most interesting areas for visitors as well as some of the best and most interesting places to eat. Search this board and you will find that most restaurants recommended are located in the above neighborhoods. The Barcelona metro is easy and convenient and even taxi for short distances are relatively inexpensive. It would be a shame not to venture out as certain areas are wonderfully lively at night.

    1. There's a great bar right in front of the market - El Tres Tombs (on comte d'urgell) it's on a corner and it's always packed. THere is outdoor seating, too. Perfect for breakfast.

      As for dinner nearby, try Jabali (C/ Aldana, 10) - great sandwiches (ham, sausage, any other cold cuts), great tapas (best empanadas, good olives, anchovies, boquerones)...and easy/cheap.