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Feb 21, 2010 12:29 PM

Evaco non-stick, what its like?

Looking for a new non-stick fry pan and saw this in a store. Any Chowhounders have some experience with it?

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  1. I don't have any experience with this pan. But I just saw a short video about it on the site (this is a local kitchenware store in South San Francisco that makes the line of bia ceramic dishes) - click on the Seasonal Items link.

    1. Just bought an 11" nonstick skillet for $59. Haven't used it yet.

      Peel the label off on the bottom and the pan says BoniBee, made in South Korea. I don't have a problem with this at all, but there is no special information on their pans or process.

      Evaco advertises that the coating is made from sand, has no PTFE, PFOA, and is called "Ceramica", however their website, the Ceramica info page is under construction:

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        Ok, been using this pan almost every day for the last 7 months and it is great.

        It's very slightly stickier than a regular non-stick, but it shows no scratches or signs of wear on the cooking surface.

        It's an aluminum pan, so it did warp very slightly, but it's really not an issue.

        I would recommend this pan to anyone. looks like the Evaco website has been updated:

      2. Saw this in the store today, bought it on impulse (SF Bay Area it's on sale right now at Rainbow Grocery on Division St. -- 10" frying pan for $38).

        So far am very happy with it -- first real test will be tomorrow morning's eggs. Will report back!

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        1. re: stomsf

          Oops, took too long to report back. This has become or DeFacto favorite pan to use for nearly everything. Heats very evenly, non stick is better and has been sustained over two months heavy use. My husband can even put the pan into the sink under the faucet to get that satisfying sizzle which would ruin a normal Teflon pan. No issues going into the dishwasher. We are very very happy with the Evaco frying pan.

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            Where can you buy this cookware at?

            1. re: cookn4lgfamily

              In SF we bought it at Rainbow Grocery, on Folsom Street.