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Feb 21, 2010 12:09 PM

Best food neighborhood

I have been thinking of spreading my wings and flying to another area of this great city. While I know I will miss a ton of food places around the black pearl (Mat & Naddie's, Dante's Kitchen, Refuel, One, Hopper's Wines, the Tuesday farmers market, Maple St. Cafe, Mona's, Whole Foods and on and on...) I know there are so many out there to discover in mid-city, downtown, the quarter, the marigny, algiers point, etc. So here's my question: Who lives in the best food neighborhood in this city and why?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. don't take it the wrong way, alot of my posts go unanswered. As a law student myself, I have become used to Uptown and all their food possibilities but I find myself actually driving to the Westbank or Metairie more often to get food. I think Uptown is the best because of the sheer volume of restaurants in such proximity. Also, the prices and food are really diverse. Sometimes I just feel like eating a dozen wings and then some matt and naddies one day. I like Midcity because they offer I think some better things than Uptown. Their Mexican food is way better and best of all, much less crowded than Uptown would be. Just seems more family oriented in Mid-city.

    2. We've had this conversation awhile back when I asked the same thing.

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        Thank you for that link. As I was starting to type, I was looking for that, with the other hand. You beat me to it by many hours.