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Feb 21, 2010 11:44 AM

Restaurants during Easter week

I've got a 2 week break and I plan on travelling to Spain and Italy. But it so happens that the break is during Easter and I hear both Italy and Spain are very Catholic and I assume close many stores.

Are the majority of restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona, and/or Valencia closed then? I hear many restaurants in Valencia are closed on Sundays in general. Is that also true?


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  1. I need an answer for this as well as we will be in BCN Easter Week and want to make a reservation for Good Friday which as a "recovering catholic" is one of the holiest days of the week!

    1. I will be in Madrid on Easter Sunday and Monday and I am wondering the same thing. I did visit Spain a few years ago during Easter week and it didn't seem like too much shut down. I was in Granada on Easter Sunday and there were all kinds of places open.

      We ate at a great place in Valencia on a Sunday - the Seu Xerea lounge which is the adjoining little brother of the famous Seu Xerea restaurant. We had a fantastic lunch for 12 euros for several courses. Not sure if they are open on Easter but you could check it out. Their email is:, phone is 96-392-3357.