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Feb 21, 2010 11:30 AM

Shopping in Isle of Palms

I'm heading down to Charleston in April and looking for some tips about where to get the freshest and most affordable groceries. I'm pretty particular about getting high quality but will be shopping with and for my large family and want to find good prices too.

We're staying in a house on Isle of Palms and looking for somewhere we can by fresh produce and seafood in particular. Because we're a big group and spending considerable money already on the house we're going to try and do most of our meals at home.

A farmer's market would be great though we're there Sunday to Sunday so a Saturday market wont work for us and a seafood market or vendor would be ideal. I don't know if there are any vendors that sell directly to the customers but I'd go down to the docks if that is an option.

All and all, looking for advise about where to do our shopping in general so good grocery stores natural or otherwise would be great too!!

Many Thanks!

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  1. Mt. Pleasant has its farmer's market on Tuesdays so that might work for you.

    1. Whole Foods is across the bridge in Mt Pleasant. Great but never cheap. There's a nice Piggly Wiggly on the IOP connector in Mt P which is closer than WF. There's a small IGA on the island.

      The Mt P farmer's market is great. It gets crowded so you may have to park in the lot across the street.

      1. You can go to the dock on Shem Creek in Mt P for shrimp. Seafood vendors will be at the market as well.

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          Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market is great! We go every time we're in the area. As far as grocery stores, we've had better luck with the stores on Coleman Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant than the Piggly WIggly over in Seaside Farms (closest to the IOP connector). There is a Piggly Wiggly, a BiLo, and a Publix all on Coleman Blvd, and they all seem to have better prices than the Pig closest to IOP.

        2. Thanks for the feedback! Looks like we'll just miss the market that starts the week after we're there. Mt. Pleasant Seafood Company looks like a good bet, and looks close to some other great stores. Thanks again and keep it coming!