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Feb 21, 2010 11:07 AM

Barnacle Bills: Great buryers & terrific pub

Trying to find the best burger in Central Jersey, and I've been reading all the comments in this website. Gotta get to Rossi's eventually, but hit Barnacle Bill's last night. There was an hour wait, but I was fixated on that cheeseburger that the servers kept walking by with, so I wasn't leaving. Turned out only to be 40 minutes. In the meantime, very active bar and fresh peanuts with shells on the floor.

It was worth the wait! 10 oz burger, cooked exactly as ordered, and piping hot. Fries also piping hot. Juicy burger, sauteed onions and mushrooms. Just when we thought we had the perfect night, a small band started up in the far corner. Guitars and guys singing some mellow tunes (started off with "You Got that Lovin Feeling"). We eventually left with stomachs full and singing whatever tune they were playing.

Looking forward to Rossi's, but this is a go to place.

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  1. Bad typing of course, Great Burgers & terrice publ

    1. Terrible typing. Great burgers & terrific pub.

      1. a piping hot burger? sounds great.

        1. We went on Sat. for lunch and those burgers are great!! I don't care to much for the FF, but I like the onion rings and the cole slaw is always nice and cold and fresh!

          Glad you liked it!

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            Talk about consistent....this place has hardly changed over the years and always delivers.....some things in life are best left unchanged and I think this is one of them....even the staff pretty much remains the same.....

          2. I spent a few weeks in Red Bank opening a retail store, and my team went there a few times. Much above average burgers, casual place, great river view. I've been back a few times-they are very consistent.