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Feb 21, 2010 10:58 AM

Tahoe Recommendations

Planning to be up in Tahoe for the first time in years at the end of March. Will be celebrating my significant other's birthday. Am looking for a great food experience in a warm and comfortable environment. I'm not thrilled by the Manzanita menu. How is Plump Jack at Squaw? Any other recommendations?

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    1. We had a great dinner at the Sunnyside Resort just South of Tahoe City on Hiway 89 back in September. We sat outside on the deck and had a beautiful view of the lake. The food was great.


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        Cynsa & Danny--thanks for your recommendations. I will check them out online!

      2. I love Plumpjack. Baxter's at Northstar is the same chef as Moody's and is wonderful. If you're staying around Squaw or Truckee I would stick to Plumpjack or Moody's. If you are at Incline, I would suggest Big Water Grille. I like Bite but it's more casual.

        1. Plump Jack's is good. Moody's in Truckee is good.
          Also, I LOVE Spindleshanks in Tahoe Vista.
          For breakfast, Blue Onion at Squaw or Tahoe Vista is good, and so is Squeeze In in Truckee.
          Big Water Grill in Incline is great too. And it has fab views of the Lake!
          Baxter's at Northstar has some great apres ski drinks if you're going to be in that area.