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Feb 21, 2010 10:27 AM

st patrick's day menu

i'm doing a saint patrick's dinner the saturday before. good long-term friends with a few new ones mixed in. one is a pescavore, the others pretty adventurous but not fans of lamb. i don't mind doing something different for the fish eater, say a seafood appetizer with an entree-size portion for her. but...

i'm thinking of doing a diver scallop app, an onion soup, grilled salmon, boxty or colcannon, and peas and radishes or grilled asparagus. hoping to highlight some spring flavors rather than a more hearty corned beef and cabbage.

yesterday i made a mildly sweet sour cream and blueberry cake that might do for dessert sliced thin with a layer of lemon curd between.

what think ye?

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  1. I think I'm coming to your house for dinner that day!

    My only quibble might be with the dessert -- you have such a nice light menu that you could probably get away with a richer dessert. Dark chocolate Guinness cake was the first thing that came to mind, honestly. It's not too sweet but very dense and rich.

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      oooh good idea! have you made the recipe from epicurious? or do you favor another? i really love dessert to have great flavors but go easy on the sweet and that sounds super.

      1. re: appycamper

        I have never made it myself, just eaten it cheerfully whenever others make it! I think Saveur has a version as well and I've never gone wrong with one of their recipes.

        You could do whipped cream with a wee dram of Irish whiskey in it, too, to go on the cake and in people's coffee... :) Mmmmm...

    2. Just chiming in here - I agree that while the rest of the menu sounds perfect, the dessert (which sounds tasty) just doesn't seem so Irish/St. Patrick's Day-ish to me. The afore-mentioned cake would be great, a whiskey cake, or even maybe a bailey's cheesecake would be nice. Sounds very good!!

      1. thanks laura and cookie! you're quite right. i think i'll go with mixing bowl's guinness cupcakes with baileys frosting. of course between now and the dinner i'll have to make them at least once ;-)

        btw, if you like to bake, the sour-cream cake was a recipe for irish soda bread from it was the irish soda bread I. and far more of a cake than a bread. i switched out fresh blueberries for the raisins. it required an extra splash of milk that the recipe didn't call for. plus, next time i'll add lemon zest.

        1. Agree with the comments so far - you're emnu sounds great and ahs given me some new ideas - so thanks! I do agree that a rich dessert would suit - first thing that came to my mind was a bread pudding with irish cream. I did a quick search and recipes abound, there's one on epi that got good reviews too.

          enjoy your celebration,

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            thanks, ladyb. loved looking at your blog. it's given me some ideas too. i love bread pudding. i make one at christmas of croissants with a layer of crumbled fruitcake in the middle. with apple cinnamon sauce. the baileys sounds decadent too.