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Feb 21, 2010 10:02 AM

best BAGEL in LA

I want to know who makes the best bagels and what makes a great bagel in your mind?
east coast New York bagels better? if so why?

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  1. bagels galore in san pedro. two locations on western avenue, one at 25th street.
    genuine water bagels.
    13 for $9.50.

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    1. re: peterboy

      I tried Bagels Galore this morning - it is AWFUL. The bagels visually looked, undercooked, white as ghosts. The were so unappetizing looking that I actually asked if they were undercooked on purpose for some reason. They were also tiny in size. Even more gross looking was that they put cheese or something cheese like on their everything bagel, just a "splash" on one side, which looked like a yellow bird dropping. Not wanting to judge a book by it's cover, I even went further and tried them (though I couldn't go so far as to try the everything bagel, that looked just too awful). They tasted doughy and raw. No crust on the outside either. This was at 8AM so they should've been the best of the day. I for one will never return, these are just flat out bad. They should invest in a plane ticket, go to New York city, to see what bagels are supposed to look like, and more importantly taste like, because it seems like they have no idea.

    2. Brooklyn Bagel 1/2 price after 3pm. GREAT re-heated the next day!!

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        Half price after 3pm?! I had no idea!

        We just go and get the frozen dozens, this opens up whole new possibilities!

        And it also explans why the poppy are almost always not found frozen - folks are buying them after 3pm ; )


        1. re: happybaker

          I may be wrong about this, but I believe that the 1/2 price after 3pm deal is only for Monday-Friday...Its been almost a year, but when I was anywhere near Brooklyn Bagel after 3pm I made it a point to get whatever was left of the wonderful cheese/onion-topped bagels that would normally cost $1 each. They're probably more now and saving 50% is a good deal!

          1. re: HBfoodie

            $1.25 but worth it for the onion cheese and the jalapeno cheese.

            1. re: HBfoodie

              I haven't been to BB for a while, but I remember the half price sale was from something like 3pm-5pm.
              Bagel stick is my favorite.

              1. re: monku

                3 to 6 they close at 6 right now, I think because of construction on the road. Used to close at 8 or 9.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  That construction has been going on for a couple years now. They used to close at 11:00pm, business must be off.

                  1. re: monku

                    I think the walk-in is a very small part of the business. There was an article 2 years ago and Western Bagel & Brooklyn are the 2 big wholesalers to many delis & restaurants.

                    1. re: Burger Boy

                      Believe Canter's was one of those deli's mentioned.

        2. I think there are two very good bagels in LA: Bagel Broker and Sam's. As for what makes a good bagel, all I can say is taste and texture. I'm no NYC traditionalist, but the bagels there generally have a maltier taste and a less bready, more serious texture than the bagels here. I've had some bagels from Brooklyn Bagel Bakery and they tasted like white bread to me. I thought they were terrible. But lots of people love them.

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          1. re: aventinus

            I totally agree with this reco - Bagel Broker and Sam's are the only 2 places in LA I will get bagels from.

          2. After years of trying everything (except Bagel Broker which is next) I've been driving out of my to go to Bagel Factory on Robertson @ Cadillac or Sepulveda @ National. Their "omelets" are made with a FRESH CRACKED egg.

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            1. re: Bruce Kerr

              Bagel Factory on Robertson

              I bought 6 and took one bite of one of them and threw the rest out.
              I found them dry, tasteless and mediocre.

              1. re: latindancer

                Yes but this is true for most bagels :(

            2. Bagel Nosh on Wilshire.