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Feb 21, 2010 09:23 AM

Dog friendly restaurant in WLA

We now have a puppy and need to find some restaurants where we can take him along.

San Gennaro in Brentwood Village has a nice patio, a decent menu and even a dog menu (which is not a requirment of ours). Just want a nice-ish atmosphere with okay food (beggars can't be choosers!). Seems like there are more of those cafe style restaurants with outdoor seeting in the West Hollywood area but I am having trouble finding them in the WLA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice area. HELP!

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  1. I'm in Venice a lot. The place that immediately comes to mind that consistently has very good to great food and has a dog-friendly attitude is 3 Square. I always see dogs leashed to the outside edge of the patio. Couple that with the front row seat to people-watching and it's an easy-do. Patrons can park in the garage off San Juan.

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        Great site liziee-so helpful! And what a helpful suggestion about 3 Square bulavinaka. Love that place!

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          il Forno on Ocean Park has a very nice set up for dog lovers with an outside patio that features some tables set back between some greenery so they are isolated from one another. I like their patio for its quietness too. Way back off the street.

          Il Forno Caffe & Pizzeria
          2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

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            i like the Spaghetti Integrali Primavera that they serve at il forno.
            also, i the bruschetta they serve along with the bread basket is always good, even when tomatoes aren't in season.

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              I also almost always get their mozarella alla caprese (when tomatoes are in season) and I think the trick to their free bruschetta that comes with the bread is garlic...I always feel completely impervious to any of those Twilight characters after I eat a bowl or two.

      2. Le Pain Quotidien has dog-friendly outdoor seating.

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          That's true. Last time I was at the Brentwood one I saw the Governator and his kids on the patio with their pet rabbit.

          There are a couple of restaurants on Montana avenue that have sidewalk tables. On 3rd Street Promenade they wont allow dogs on patios, so you'll see the dogs are exiled to the outside of the little fences. I believe that health codes don't allow them on patios, but sidewalks are fine.

          I've taken my English Bulldog to Baby Blues BBQ in Venice and we sat outside. They treated him very well. Brought him water and a bone to gnaw on.

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            I am so pleased with all of these suggestions. Il Forno is a GREAT idea.

        2. Almondine on Wilshire is very nice for breakfast/brunch and light lunches. They have outdoor tables, and I've often met a friend of mine and her dog there for a light meal.

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            Amandine Patisserie

            (310) 979-3211

            12225 Wilshire Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90025