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Feb 21, 2010 08:52 AM

Sydney in March - no asian

We will be in Sydney for three days in March - I have daughters 12 and 13. Darling Harbour area.

Looking for easting suggestions - from very simple to casual ($25 per person).

My daughter has a severe allergy to shrimp, lobster and crab. We travel with an epipen and we have never had to use it...but we generally dont eat Asian with her. Especially hole-in-the-wall asian. I just dont think that they are careful about cross-contamination.

What are some suggestions for excellent spots that are non-asian or less likely to have shellfish swimming all over the menu. (btw - know that this is painful for me - this is a little like going to Paris and not eating cheese or bread)

i.e. Zumbos for breakfast

Billy Kwong might be able to assure no cross contamination (okay i am cheating already)

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  1. I'll take a stab at this, though I keep thinking of things, and then going, oh but that is Asian. I'm sorry, and appreciate that you understand how hard it is to eliminate such a big category.

    Definitely Adriano Zumbo - but also Black Star Pastry, which also has lunch pies/quiches. Black Star is Newtown.

    ok how about Japanese, but no fish involved - Gumshara Ramen - 120 kg of pork bones involved.

    Can you say more about what you like? that might help. Forget Mexican. oh also $25/person is low - I like Bistro Moncur, which is french bistro style, but it is more than $25/person.

    I also like Bird Cow Fish - not just the food, but also on a sunny relaxed day, to just sit there and soak up everything, have a nice glass of wine. oh and Bill's for breakfast. Easy to avoid seafood for breakfast.

    I keep thinking of bakeries! I love the ricotta cake at Papa Patisserie in Haberfield.

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    1. re: debbieann

      Oh thanks very much. We like just about everything - must be some good Indian, deli or charcuterie, italian, tapas, middle eastern, sandwiches, salads, fish and chips (but no shellfish),

      But thanks for your suggestions

      1. re: debbieann

        The real problem is the $25 target especially near Darling Harbour.

        I like Bird.Cow.Fish as well but starters are about $18 and mains are $35 with veggies at $7.5. You mention Billy Kwong but here starters are $14 to 32 and mains are $24 to 47. Note neither are close to Darling Harbour.

        Close to Darling Harbour is "Ripples at Sydney Wharf" which is nice but even in this cafe starters are $14 to 19 and mains are $24 to 30.

        The closest cheap eating area to Darling Harbour is Chinatown but obviously that is Asian. Although you could try Mamak for Malaysian food (very little shellfish) which has great roti starting at $5 and mains at $15.

        Another thought is "Eleni's" at the Civic Hotel this is hearty Greek food and the downstairs bistro (the upstairs restaurant in expensive) is quite good value at $15 for mains, my only reservation is that it is a pub which doesn't let in kids under 18, but I assume this is OK in the Bistro area - phone to check.

        1. re: PhilD

          Sydney used to be really good value but alas no more.

          Was tempted to try Peter Conistis' grub again - last time I went was the ol' Cosmos/ Eleni's in East Sydney. Never made it to Omega which I recall was near Paul Merrony's now defunct but good value Bistro 163.

          Always had a soft spot for the scallop moussaka...

          1. re: mikey8811

            I was a regular at the old Eleni's in East Sydney and then ate a few times at Omega but have yet to get to the Civic.

            The casual downstairs restaurant "Eleni's" is actually run by Eleni herself and she does the cooking, this is Peters grandmother who inspired much of his cooking.

            1. re: PhilD

              The budget is just a target - we can feed the kids bread :-)

              Happy to hear about places that are more$

              1. re: marcharry

                You'll love Bills in Darlinghurst, especially the breakfast menu: best scrambled eggs in Sydney (the world?); ricotta hotcakes & honeycomb butter; corn fritters with bacon; etc.

                I should think Kylie Kwong would certainly be able to give your family a "safe" meal. She only uses carefully-sourced organic produce, and operating standards in the kitchen are very high.