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Feb 21, 2010 08:38 AM

Madison's Grill YEG

I went out for supper with my dad last night to Madison's Grill ( ). We were seated quickly, but then we were sitting with the menus in front of us and no water or drinks for 10 minutes (I was worried), but there must have been a shift change then or something because after that we had perfect service.

I talked my Dad into the Menu Surprise with wine pairings (I've recently realized that if I want to be a foodie I need to stop being a picky eater and he still thought I was a picky eater). Since they don't tell you what is in the menu they were very vigilant about asking about allergies (Hazelnuts for me).

We started with an amuse bouche of a pan seared scallop on sauteed wild mushrooms with black garlic and a beurre blanc. It was paired with a dry Champagne. It was very good and the tangy-sweetness of the black garlic was really nummy.

Then we had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with an arugula salad, beet cured salmon, cape gooseberries, and a wild honey dressing. It wasn't something I was a big fan of, but my dad liked it. All the flavours worked together well.

Our next course was a Alsatian Reisling blend (I can't remember the other grape) and we had that with handmade gnocchi in a cheese sauce with crab and lobster. There was some parsley and thyme in there too. It was soooooo creamy and warm and good.

A red came out (I think Merlot from Chile) with a duck breast on parsnip puree and a duck confit stuffed herb crepe with some asparagus, brocollinni and green beans. The crepe was a little too salty and I committed a total sin and asked for fresh ground pepper on my duck breast, but both my dad and I are pepper fanatics. It was a good course though. I really enjoyed it.

Another red came out--I think it was a red blend from Argentina, but I had had 4 glasses of wine at this point. We had beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and honeyed carrots. It was cooked to perfection and the carrots were done so they were still a little crisp. I was simple, but good.

Then we had a 20 yr tawny port. Dad got a warm apple strudel with almonds on top and white cheddar ice cream (I got to taste the ice cream it was good) and they gave me a nut free dessert of vanilla bean creme brulee with a snickerdoodle and chocolate pate. It was amazing.

It was a great experience and I would go for the surprise menu again. Chef Blair Lebsack was out in the dining room keeping an eye on things and stopped to chat with us a couple of times. It was a nice touch.

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  1. that sounds delicious!! I am cleansing right now and that just made me salivate, and wish for this to be over! maybe foodies are not made to cleanse LOL

    Bryn, what was the price for this? it sounds like a heap of food. I assume the wine was around a 2 oz pour? Do they always have the option of the surprise menu?

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      Yes always the option of the surprise menu. I think Dad spent ~$300 for the both of us with wine pairings (Awesome dad by the by--it was my birthday). I think the wine was 3 - 4 oz pour. It was enough.

    2. Glad you enjoyed it. I have had repeated good food and service there. Never gone with the surprise tasting menu though, sounds like quite an experience!