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Feb 21, 2010 08:30 AM

BBQ, Chili !!!, Clear Lake area

I will be spending some time in the bay area soon. We've had some good threads recently on what's available but I've recently had bbq and chili on my mind and these haven't been mentioned. Anything worthwhile?

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  1. I can't think of any good bbq or chili that I would go to CL for and it's only 10 minutes or so from my house. There are tons of other good things there. We recently ate at Lupe Tortillas and a lot of people here don't like it but I thought it was very good for the money. Not El Tiempo by any means but still good. Their pablano peppers were delicious.

    There is Floyd's in Webster, great fried seafood and cajun food. The dirty rice was gross which was a surprise but everything else was very good including the fried frog legs which are next to impossible to get good ones in Houston.

    Perry's for great steaks, it's dressy. Abe's cajun market for great crawfish boudin and decent plate lunches. T-Bone Tom's for armadillo eggs. I'm not a huge fan but a lot of people like Mario's Pizza. Joe Lee's in Kemah. I haven't been there in a long time but didn't know they'd reopened in a new location after leaving the Kemah Boardwalk. I'm planning on eating there soon as it was one of favorite places before the boardwalk got so commercialized.

    There's Clilfton's By The Sea in Bacliff. Top Water Grill has reopened I hear. It's in San Leon just south of Clear Lake. I never thought their food was that great but many do and I love going down there to watch the pelicans and the Monk's Parakeets.

    Lots of people recommend Outriggers in Seabrook but I haven't been there.

    Hope that helps get your started.

    1. I've waited to see if others from the area would comment but since it's been a week and you only have the one comment I thought I might put my 2cents worth. (texasredtop knows what they're talking about)

      CL doesn't have the best BBQ that Houston has to offer plus I don't know BBQ so take this for what it's worth.

      I live in CL and when we want local BBQ we go to Joe's BBQ in Alvin (on Hwy 6 near 35). This is also where we take visiting company. We love the atmoshere and the BBQ is good. I particularly like the smoked turkey and beef ribs. The brisket is ok, seems a little dry but with their sauce and piled between TX bread it's good. I also like their beans and potato salad and have been known to just go buy both of those. The sauce is delicious.

      Friends here also like Central BBQ. They have 2 locations that I know of; Pearland and near Hobby airport. I've had it at a friends and it's good.

      Randy's Smokehouse on Hwy 3 btwn Clear Lake City Blvd & El Dorado is another place friends have gotten food from. I've had the smoked chicken and liked it but have never gone to actually get it myself. I guess that says something right there.

      There's a Pappas on 45 & 528. I've been once and didn't care for it.

      Finally there is Red River BBQ in League City that my husband directs people to when visiting NASA and want BBQ for lunch. I've never been so couldn't comment. Most my husband directs there aren't familiar with BBQ but seem to like it just fine. It's located near 518 and Egret Bay (FM270)

      Hope that's helpful.

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        There is also Bay Area Meat Market on Kirby, north of NASA Road One. I've been there a couple times, once the brisket was oversmoked, the other time it was perfect.

      2. I know this post was started several months back, but here's some info for anyone with the same inquiry:
        In the Clear Lake area, Pappas Bar-B-Q is very good. Friendly service, large dine-in area, located in Webster, TX. Also, if you are willing to travel 15 minutes south of Clear Lake, Grand Prize Barbecue is absolutely delicious. Privately owned local joint, they serve humongous baked potatoes with a pile of meat on top, also large, thick, yummy slices of jalapeno bread as an option to compliment your platter. Definitely worth the drive a bit out of the way!

        Grand Prize Barbecue
        2223 Palmer Hwy, Texas City, TX 77590

        1. The best bbq dish I've had in that area are the armadillo eggs at T-Bone Tom's. Yum!!