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Feb 21, 2010 08:00 AM

New Hope Restaurant Week

New Hope will have its first ever Restaurant Week during the period, March 21-26. At the moment, seventeen restaurants are participating and will offer "three-course, pre-fixe (sic)" dinners. Personally, I am very disappointed in the list of participating restaurants.

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  1. They've fixed the spelling of prix-fixe.
    Which restaurants would you like to see on the list?
    I'd like to see it extended to Lambertville, where the selection of good restaurants is better than NH.

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    1. re: famdoc

      I'd add Tastebuds to that list on the New Hope side.

      On the Lambertville side, I'd like to see Manon, Hamilton Grill Room, and No. 9.

      Others that might be worthy include Lambertville Station, Anton's, Rick's, Cafe Galleria, Bell's Tavern, and Inn at the Hawk. -mJ

      1. re: njfoodies

        The problem with all restaurant weeks is that the price of the special menu is often not much cheaper than the regular menu...and that the special menu limits choices.
        So, with a lot of the restaurants participating, you can enjoy a meal year-round at the Restaurant Week price. What's the use of a $29.95 three-course menu at Inn at the Hawk? For that money, you can have a feast there (and a couple of draft beers) any night. There would probably need to be a second tier, perhaps priced at $20.10, for the less expensive restaurants.
        A $29.95 menu might be attractive at Manon, Hamilton Grill Room or No. 9, since a normal dinner at those places might set you back more like $50.

        1. re: famdoc

          That is exactly why I separated the two two lists. From the restaurants liste din tier two, I would hope that they would step it up and add some of their higher end entrees, that I might not usually order otherwise. Regardless, it usually works out in the restaurants favor as they make the portion sized smaller. -mJ

      2. re: famdoc

        I'm glad to see they corrected the spelling. Now they need to get rid of the hyphen! :-))

        I've been rethinking my comment about the participating restaurants and have to admit that, given the selection of restaurants in New Hope, this may be as good as it gets. I do wish, however, that they had included some nearby restaurants such as Hotel du Village, the Black Bass Hotel and the Inn at Phillips Mill.

        I'm with mJ about the Lambertiville restaurants. I think it's too bad that city and town couldn't have gotten together on this.

        Regarding the price, I understand what you're saying but you have to realize that the purpose of restaurant week is not to provide regulars with a bargain price but to entice new patrons into the participating restaurants. The hope is that some of them will become regulars - and spend more money the next time!

        1. re: ambrose

          Actually, it's darmdoc who made the original comment, so he deserves the credit. But it seems as though Lambertville and New Hope do not get together on stuff as much as they should, with the exception maybe of Shad Fest. But other than that, you never hear much about them working on somethign together.

          I am looking forward to returning to The Black Bass Hotel. Haven't been there since the renovation, but used to love the place and their famous crab imperial or whatever they call it. YUM! Only wish it was BYO! Still haven't been to the Inn at Phillips Mill yet, or Hotel du Village. Need to check those places out! Such a great area! Can't wait for spring so we'll be hanging out there more! -mJ

          1. re: njfoodies

            I've been going to the Inn at Philips Mill for nearly 30 years. The restaurant is a shadow of its former self, yet, still, we return once a year for nostalgia. The menu is uninspired and the food middling, but the atmosphere is what keeps drawing people. Some of the servers have worked there since the 70s. I'm always amused when they describe a dish there....somehow, every dish is "finished with..." something or another. The phrase "finished with," when applied to food, puts me in the mindset of home decorating or car detailing.
            I at PH would be an ideal candidate for RW, however: they are seldom full on weeknights and their average dinner runs about $40-50, so taking $29.95 for a dinner of perhaps somewhat smaller size to fill the joint would be a smart move.

            1. re: famdoc

              I couldn't agree more. Tasting menu's always seem to have smaller portions, but it is still a good way to draw in customers. I know that we go out, we don't usually order an appetizer and dessert, so that is one of the reasons I like the tasting menu. There are however ocassions we will, sometimes splitting an appetizer, but sometimes ordering two apps. You just never know, and it all depends on how hungry we are. If we know where are going somewhere for dinner in advance on a weekend, we'll usually have a light lunch to induldge at dinner.

              As popular as restaurant week is in Philly, South Jersey, and even NYC, you would think that more areas would adopt this concept. This has got me thinking about organizing something locally in two different towns that I can think of here in NJ, Bordentown and Princeton. We'll see what I can make happen. -mJ