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Feb 21, 2010 07:38 AM

Looking for curry and pubs for lunch stops while sightseeing in London

I have been doing searches for best curries (non-veg), pubfood and/or fish/chips on this board but am overwhelmed by trying to figure out the various locations. As we will only be in London for 3.5 days, it would be extremely helpful if I could get some recommendations based on the areas we will be visiting-- convenience will be key! Thanks so much, recs needed for any of the following areas so we can plan our route to include lunch at the stops that look the most promising:

Buckingham Palace
London Eye
Tower of London
British Museum
Shopping areas (Oxford St., Bond St, Convent Garden)

farther out:
Hamptead Heath
Hampton Court

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  1. If you are at the London Eye, it's not a long walk at all to Master's Superfish, home to what many of us think is among the absolute best fish and chips in London. It is really good value for money.. no ambiance but the fish is the real McCoy (excuse my Americanism).

    I've been to Hampton Court (not too far from where I live) several times. I can't think of anything close by that is exceptional and would guess you won't have a car. If you do, there is some very good Nepalese food in nearby Esher.