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Feb 21, 2010 06:50 AM


I have recently moved to Houston (Spring area) from Boston. Could you please suggest good places that serve the best biryani (Chicken/Mutton) in and aroud Houston.

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  1. I nominate for best in town Himalaya, a Pakistani restaurant on 59S at Hillcroft in what is called Little India.

    Both excellent; I prefer the chicken. You will find lots of mentions of Himalaya on this board and on local blogs, etc., almost all rave reviews.

    Closer to where you are you might try Lazeeza on 1960W near Veterans Memorial. I haven't eaten at that one but have eaten at the one on Hillcroft. Food was good though not as good as Himalaya and I did not try the biryani.

    Since you're new in town that b4-u-eat website is a good local resource for finding out what cuisines are available and where they are.

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      Try lasani reataurant best desi food around, not greasy or too spicy!!Always go there when i visit houston.

    2. I agree with the recommendation of Himalaya, but if you are ever on the southwest side of town try Cafe India in Sugar Land. They have excellent chicken biryani.

      1. Boston hound here. Another vote for Himalaya. Some other spots we like are Cafe Caspian for Persian, Phoenicia Deli (& Phoenicia Grocery across Westheimer) for beef or chicken schwarma & other Middle Eastern treats and Cafe Pita for Bosnian.

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          I've been going to Sheikh Chilli's for years. (6121 Hillcroft St #N) Love their goat/chicken biryani. Strip center dive with no aesthetic allure. But good service from friendly folks. They'll answer questions, but don't expect them to go real easy on the ghee. It ain't low-cal at Sheik Chilli's.

          Sheikh Chilli's Restaurant
          6121 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081